The Cost Of Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

Published March 18th, 2014 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Many Americans have grown used to the fact that a great number of health concerns can be successfully managed with medication.  Conditions that were once debilitating in terms of creating lifestyle changes for people who suffer from them are now able to be maintained with minimal effort.  This can apply to anything from a seizure disorder to diabetes, and aside from keeping to a medicine regimen, most individuals can live a full and satisfying life.


For a great number of people with chronic conditions, prescription medications are not just a part of the daily routine, but also a lifeline to keeping these routines consistent.  While many insurance providers do offer a prescription component in their plans, high deductibles on medication, restrictive rules on pharmaceutical coverage, and higher premiums for the coverage can often make managing regular medications difficult.  As well, changes in quality of life factors such as loss of income or increase in debt due to a hospital stay can also interfere with how able people are to afford medication.


Health As A Way Of Life


Individuals who require maintenance medication can sometimes find themselves in situations where they end up going without, due to cost or coverage.  This fact has been a growing concern in healthcare, as lack of access to pharmaceuticals can cause greater and long term ill effects on a person’s health.  Cutting back on medications or stopping a medication entirely due to a fiscal restraint does not promote health and wellness in the population, and can actually affect future insurance premiums adversely.  


From an economic standpoint, trying to save money by going without medications does negatively contribute to how insurance companies gauge rates for individuals with pre-existing conditions.  While the Affordable Healthcare Act does make medical treatment more accessible in cases of pre-existing conditions, provider companies will still take the individual’s history with the illness into some consideration.  If increased doctor’s visits or hospital stays are the result of the inability to afford prescriptions, then the insurance company can consider a person with that condition to be higher risk.  The end result is that not having access to medicine could in the long run result in having less access to general care due to increased deductibles on affordable plans.


Denial Is Not An Option


People with chronic conditions do not have much of a choice when it comes to medications for management of health.  While generic prescriptions do offer a reduced rate option that is chemically comparable to the name brand medicine, this is not always enough of a reduction to make it fully affordable for some individuals.  Further, not all pharmacies offer both name brand and generic versions for prescriptions, and for people with limited mobility or in rural areas, finding a pharmacy that does carry the generic can be prohibitive.  At, we can ensure that people are able to get the discounts on medications that allow for a regular drug regimen to be adhered to.  Not taking a maintenance medication can greatly alter lifestyle and quality of life.  Access to healthcare is not only getting in to see the doctor, but being able to manage with appropriate medication, so a person is able to empower themselves to manage a condition in every day life. 

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