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The Best Ways To Save On Your Medications

The Best Ways To Save On Your MedicationsThere's no question that a single visit to the doctor or hospital can set you back a bundle. Costs keep climbing, too. But when you think about it, it could be worse. What if you were paying a monthly fee for those doctor's visits? When it comes to buying medication, you really can end up paying out a lot of money each month to stay healthy.

That's why here at USA RX we think it's so important to learn all the different ways that you can save money on your medication. Even if you already have insurance coverage, you may still need to consider what steps you can take to save every penny possible on medications.

With that in mind, here are a few of the best ways to do just that. Keep them in mind, and you should be able to reduce your monthly medication costs by at least some degree.

• Review Your Insurance – Start by taking a closer look at your insurance policy and then compare it to a couple of other similar policies from your provider. You may find that a simple and affordable upgrade to another tier of coverage will reduce your medication costs in a big way.

• Go Generic – In most cases, a good pharmacist will automatically offer you a generic version of the medication you're prescribed in order to help save you money. If you're not using a generic option, consider asking the pharmacist about generic options.

• Talk to your Doctor – Sometimes, alternative medications may be available and could cost less. Your doctor will generally prescribe you the medicine they think is best for your situation, but if you tell them you're having a hard time affording it, they could prescribe something slightly cheaper that does essentially the same thing.

• Shop Around – Too many people assume that drugs cost the same everywhere. Nothing could be further from the truth. Take a minute to call a few local pharmacies and compare prices for your medication. You might be surprised to find out that just switching pharmacies is enough to save you big.

• Use a Prescription Card – A discount prescription card like our USA RX pharmacy discount card is a great way to reduce costs. Present it to your pharmacist and they could be offering you lower prices almost instantly. It may not work for every drug, but in many instances you'll save big by using a card like the one we offer.

Most of these are things you can handle on your own, but to get your discount pharmacy card be sure to contact us today.

Published May 20th, 2014 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by Chris Riley

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