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The Benefits Of The Affordable Care Act

On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act, forever changing the landscape for health care in America. The law put in place reforms in health insurance that put customers back in charge of their health care. Because of this, the Affordable Care Act is working to make health care more affordable and accessible for families, businesses, and taxpayers alike. Even uninsured Americans, or citizens that had inadequate coverage in their health care, have the opportunity to receive something better for themselves. Here are some the way the Affordable Care Act is helping you out:

  • Improving quality and lowering health care costs: The enforcement of the Affordable Care Act has provided free preventative health care, Rx discounts for seniors, protection against health care fraud, and tax credits for small businesses. You can now feel protected in regards to your health insurance and be rewarded as somebody that is part of the program.
  • New consumer protections: This piece of legislation also protects customers with pre-existing conditions and assists consumers with receiving the medical aid that they need and deserve. This means that insurance companies cannot deny you if you have a pre-exisitng condition.
  • Access to healthcare: The expansion of the health insurance marketplace under the Affordable Care Act has allowed more and more Americans to receive the healthcare they deserve.
  • Benefits for women: Women are now provided more insurance options that cover preventative services and lowers their costs.
  • Young adult coverage: Under the Affordable Care Act, children up to age 26 are allowed to stay under their parent's health plans if needed. With many students swarmed in debt, it's great that they don't have to worry about healthcare right when they get out of school.
  • Services for seniors: The act has provided yearly wellness and several preventative services for some seniors that have Medicare.
  • Holding insurance companies accountable: With the enforcement of this legislation, insurance companies who are looking to increase their premiums to 10% or higher must justify their means before the new rate takes effect. No more taking advantage of customers!

As we can see, the Affordable Care Act has done so many wondrous things for people all over the nation. While there has been some backlash towards the act, people have to realize that now millions of more individuals can receive the healthcare that they deserve, and don't have to pay outrageous amounts of money to receive it. Having a pharmacy discount card along with your health care is a great way to save money off of prescriptions that still may be expensive. By visiting our website, you can sign up for a free USA Rx pharmacy discount card and receive savings up to 75%! Visit our website, and see what we mean!

Published May 3rd, 2016 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by Chris Riley

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