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Technological Trends In Healthcare

As the election for the next president slowly approaches, big concerns are starting to arise. One of the biggest concerns, and deservedly so, is the issue regarding health care. There are some major issues that we should be on the lookout for during 2016. One of them is the technological advancements that are changing the way the healthcare industry will operate. The rise of new technology in healthcare is exploding at incredible rates. Because of this, new opportunities and concerns have arisen.

  • Over 70 million people in the United States are wearing trackable devices that monitor their physical activity, sleep patterns and calorie consumption. You've probably seen commercials for these products online or on TV, such as Fitbit or even the Apple Watch. This trend is something positive, as it provides so much potential to improve patient care.
  • New approaches to providing patient care is also something that can be affected with technology. The pharmaceutical industry has started to look into ways to engage their patients from outside the confines of the doctor's office. For example, many providers are starting to turn to social media in order to build relationships with their customers. Because the Internet has shaped the way people browse and shop for products and services, this would be a vital way for healthcare to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Lastly, an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) can be the key in overcoming current patient data challenges. An EDW allows its users to analyze real-time data easily through various applications, making huge improvements in care and reducing costs.

These trends in technology will help healthcare in so many ways. Another trend to be aware of is the rise in the popularity of pharmacy discount cards, such as the one provided by USA Rx. With over 60,000 pharmacies accepting the card, as well potentially saving over 75% on your medications, the USA Rx pharmacy discount card has been used by many people throughout the country. The card can be used by uninsured and insured individuals, so there is no type of discrimination involved. Check out our website for more information and sign up for one of these free cards today!

Published May 12th, 2016 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by Chris Riley

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