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Taking The Leap And Closing The Coverage Gap

Taking The Leap And Closing The Coverage GapThe rising cost of pharmaceuticals has become a major concern within the healthcare industry. This is especially true with the advancement of specialty treatments, including:

  • New oral Hep C medication
  • Viable drug options for ALS
  • Anti-virals and biologics
  • Any drug protocol that must become a lifestyle change

There are several considerations that need to be examined in understanding how the disparity in treatment and drug costs has occurred.


Time Is Still Money

As drug manufacturers develop new treatment medications, years of research and development are also a part of this process. This will also include pre-marketing trials and post-market research. In this manner, while a new drug formulation can have amazing health benefits for patients, the efforts and time of the manufacturer also become a factor in cost.

At USARx, we find that this can often present a double edged sword, as the medications are inherently valuable and continued research is also necessary, but exorbitant pricing can keep patients from access. However, the development of the USARx pharmacy discount card has also come as a collaboration to support the funding of continued research, while also making medications available to the patients at an affordable cost.


Healthcare As An Industry

Although any aspect in the health field is inherently person-centric in regards to care, maintaining the quality of services and medications is also a business. To this end, we work with pharmacy benefits managers and other professionals to mediate cost agreements that are passed on to the cardholders. This not only provides access, but it also provides options.

Since the USARx pharmacy discount card is accepted at chain and local pharmacies nationally, this also means that patients in nearly any community can utilize the card as a means of reducing the cost of necessary medication. The card itself is free, and backed through the agreements that are established with our network of managers, so that bridging the gap between prescriptions and cost coverage can become manageable.

We have also found that the use of the pharmacy discount card is further supported by professionals in the care industry, as practitioners are also able to provide this resource to their patients through the clinic. Many companies find that approaching prescription coverage as separate from employee healthcare means fiscally sound options for both the business and the employees.

In this way, the business demands of healthcare have also afforded a practical solution that supports the motivation and intent of care services. For companies and individuals who are interested in exploring how affordable treatment protocols can become, we encourage you to visit our site, and sign up for a free USARx pharmacy discount card today.

Published April 7th, 2015 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by Chris Riley

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