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Published February 25th, 2014 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

With the passing of the Affordable Care Act, businesses are facing increased obligations to offer health insurance to employees. This means that both full and part time employees will have the option of acquiring health insurance through their workplace.  As a business owner, this also requires that you need to make this option available, and reset your company budget to accommodate participation in work sponsored insurance plans.  


In the past, you may have only had to allow for your full time employees’ share of healthcare coverage, but this has now increased, so more funds will need to be set aside.  For smaller business owners who have not had health insurance options through the workplace, you will now need to offer that possibility.  While you want to make sure that your workers can have access to comprehensive plans for health and wellness, you also want to keep an eye on your bottom line.  


Solutions For Savings


You have probably noticed that insurance providers charge a larger premium with plans that cover prescription medications.  If one of your employees chooses such an option, obviously they will have a larger chunk taken out of their paychecks, but you will also have a larger fiscal responsibility on your end.  The problem is, medications play such a large part in maintaining health, and you need to find a way to make sure your employees are taken care of without breaking the corporate bank.


The option of only offering plans that cover basic hospital and physician visits can be a valid decision that will serve both you and the people who work for you.  This can be possible if you also provide free prescription discount cards for your employees, so that they don’t have to struggle in paying for medications, even with basic health coverage plans.  Overall, this creates a win-win situation, since neither you nor your employees are paying the higher premium, but all physical health needs will still be covered.


At usarx.com, you can learn more about ethically and fiscally responsible options in healthcare coverage.  The free prescription discount cards will not tie you to further insurance provider hassles and will not take an out of pocket cost for simply using the card.  The provisions of the card are accepted by over 60,000 pharmacies, and can provide the benefit of affordable insurance, affordable medications, and your business running smoothly, even through the healthcare changes and challenges.


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