Sometimes, Too Good Can Also Mean Very True

Published April 2nd, 2015 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by
Chris Riley

Sometimes, Too Good Can Also Mean Very TrueConsumers can be very wise to stay wary of situations that appear to be ideal, but may have a hidden catch. This can be qualifications that are hidden in the fine print of an agreement, sudden subscription fees that are required for otherwise free benefits, and even severe limitations that can turn a good deal into something next to useless. At USARx, we feel that a person’s health and their quality of life is not something that should be compromised, and that simple solutions should be a path to relief.


The USARx Pharmacy Discount Card

We have often had the experience of working with patients who are somewhat leery about what may be hidden in the benefits of this card, but we have also found that explaining our process can also aid in understanding the legitimacy of how it works.

One approach that can be helpful is to first consider what the pharmacy discount card is not.

  • NOT a one-time coupon with limited redemption
  • NOT an insurance program
  • NO premiums or deductibles
  • NO cost for application
  • NOT a loyalty or points program

These explanations can often help patients to recognize that the benefits of the USARx pharmacy discount card are direct and upfront.

Part of the reason our USARx pharmacy discount card is widely considered valid as a legitimate solution to prescription costs is that we operate through a network of pharmacy managers and brokers. These dedicated members of our staff are not only experienced in the pharmaceutical industry, but also utilize the supply chain from manufacturers to negotiate lower prices for patients.


Altruism Works For Everyone

Of course, consumers are still wise to question how drug distributors could agree to discounts of up to 75% on the products that they are providing for national pharmacies. The answer is actually fairly simple. While the high cost of in demand medications can drive profits, this can only happen if people are actually able to afford these drugs. Thus, negotiating prices for patient access also means that distributors are better able to sustain profits.

However, the real benefit of the USARx pharmacy discount card is what it can do for patients. As an adjunct to existing insurance, or as a means of bridging the drug coverage gap in many insurance policies, this card presents affordability for health, without any hidden surprises.

To sign up for the USARx pharmacy discount card and to get started on saving today, we recommend that people visit our site and sign up online. The process is quick and free, and can provide the resources required to maintain wellness.

Published April 2nd, 2015 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by
Chris Riley

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