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Published March 7th, 2022 by Chris Riley
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SleeprRight Dental Guard from Splintek Inc. is a series of moth pieces made for better sleep. You use Dental Guard products for clenching and teeth grinding.

These are real health concerns which you need to address as you can’t control what you do in your sleep.

There’s evidence to show bit pads work. They are used to treat conditions such as bruxism. SleepRight Dental Guard products are also beneficial for specific nighttime jaw pain.

Teeth grinders are also used to alleviate specific molar pain. There are 5 dental appliances from SleepRight you can use for these conditions yourself.

SleepRight Dura-Comfort Dental Guard

These dental guards are the most robust from SleepRight.

They are generally recommended for those who need to use them frequently as they’re made from durable materials.

Their biggest advantage is the fit that doesn’t require boiling or microwaving.

You can simply use fixes these between the upper and the lower molars to have them ready before bedtime.

One of the key elements which allow this practical set to be used with no boiling water is their dynamic construction.

Using body temperature, these naturally follow the contour of your teeth in a few minutes and you can go to bed without using a microwave oven to make them malleable.

A heat-sensitive band sits between your teeth, lower, lip, and gums. This is where your body heat warms up the dental guard to allow quick fixation.

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SleepRight ProRx Custom Dental Guard

If you need clinical fit, you still are recommended to go with bite pads that are softened in boiled water.

The ProRx is the perfect solution for this purpose from SleepRight.

Ideally, you’d work with your dentist to make the most of these custom fit pads. But you can easily use these yourself.

The water doesn’t always need to be boiling as a lukewarm temperature is fine as well.

Customer reviews show oral health care and general mouth sores can be alleviated best with custom dental guards.

These dental guards also come with a 2-year warranty. While they can seem expensive compared to their competitors, the ProRx pads are made to last, which means you won’t have to replace them as often.

SleepRight Ultra-Comfort

As their name suggests, these dental guards are made for the ultimate comfort. So what’s different about them? SleepRight removed the stability wings on them.

This means they can’t push against your gums which were problematic for some users.

With adjustments for all bite angles, these Ultra-Comfort dental guards are made to last. Furthermore, they can be seen as good solutions to be used alongside tongue thrusting habits.

But their main goal is still to offer higher comfort for those suffering from grinding, jaw clicking, and clenching.

SleepRight Select-Comfort

These are the softest and most comfortable intra-oral devices from SleepRight. They feature 5 bite positions and most recommend them when they can’t stand to bite-pads altogether.

Their soft materials are highly recommended for enhanced all-night comfort.

With a low profile design, they can be used every night. However, you should also know they come with softer materials that aren’t as durable as those on the Ultra-Comfort. This is why these bite-pads only come with a 1-year warranty.

For these comfort pieces to truly be comfortable, you need to check all of your oral problems with the right dental work to avoid loose fillings as they can increase discomfort while wearing bite pads.

You can feel this discomfort even in a small part of the device if you have loose fillings or unfilled cavities which require a visit to the doctors or the dentist.

You also need to consider good oral health practices such as using mouthwash to avoid gum soreness. Since these no-boil dental guards don't suffer from breakage or chopping, you can consider them for years of age-appropriate use.

This comfort model may be used with all of these practices if you experience pain in your teeth or gums even if these some people suffer from inherent risk factors.

Check Amazon Pricing for SleepRight Dental Guard by clicking HERE.SleepRight Secure-Comfort

It’s all about stability wings with SleepRight Secure-Comfort. These offer high stability with little to no room for movement.

This is why you can enjoy some of the best results with these comfortable bite-pads if you’re worried about them moving around too much during the night. They are backed by a 1-year warranty.


Teeth clenching is a real issue that you might struggle to find an answer to. With all of the advancements in the medical field, we still have limited data as to why this happens and how it can be controlled.

At the moment, the best options are those in form of bite guards as they keep the upper teeth and lower teeth apart using a safe physical barrier.


What is the best dental mouth guard?

The BPA-free SleepRight Dura-Comfort Dental Guard is the best solution for most users. Comfortable yet durable, they rank above many other alternatives in terms of reliability.

You might struggle to find better bite pads that don’t require boiling water for good fixation.

These bite pads also come with the longest warranty from the manufacturer. This is why you might be interested in SleepRight products as you get to save time with quick fixation.

If you have very sensitive gums, you can alternatively consider the SleepRight Select Comfort bite pads with softer materials and no fixation wings.

Known for durability even on users with a small mouth, these bite pads can be used for up to an 8-hour period comfortably to cover an entire night. Their slim-comfort is what many Amazon reviews show to be best for a comfortable fit. 

Do mouthguards work for grinding teeth?

Mouthguards are simple solutions that create a softer physical barrier between your upper and lower teeth. This barrier is what protects your teeth from grinding during the night and can even help with snoring.

Problems such as mouth splint at night can be controlled or at least minimized with mouthguards. The best benefit of this product is they are non-invasive. They aren’t medication and this what makes them a great long-term solution for grinding teeth.

Can night guards ruin your teeth?

Bruxism or the constant clenching of the teeth is a real issue which can even lead to your teeth to be replaced. Nightguards can’t make this problem any worse.

Sure, low-quality night guards might put pressure on your teeth even further. But as long as you use proven products such as those from SleepRight you should be safe.

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