Skin Care for Men: 7 Essential Steps

Published August 5th, 2021 by Chris Riley
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Skincare is just as important for men as it is for women, but it's not always easy to follow through on.

One hurdle to overcome in a skincare routine is that you may feel like the products are not designed with men in mind and you don't know where to start. But skincare doesn't have to be complicated or expensive.

There are a few simple steps you can take that will make a huge difference in how your skin looks and feels every day.

We'll explore seven essential skincare tips for men.

Find out what products you truly need, when you should use them, and why it matters most!

1. Cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser 

The first step in creating a skin care routine is to cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser. Avoid products that contain lots of fragrances, as these can be irritating to your skin even if you don’t have sensitive skin.

It’s also best to use something like a sulfate-free cleanser, as this will be kinder on your skin and won't leave it feeling tight or dry.

The best skincare routine for men is to use a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.

This product has been created with the skincare needs of men in mind and has antibacterial properties, making it great for all skin types.

It’s also fragrance-free and contains no alcohol, so you’ll feel fresh after cleansing your skin.

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Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliating is an important skincare step for men. It allows your skin to be shed, which can promote cell turnover and help your skincare products work more effectively.

When choosing an exfoliant, avoid products with microbeads in a lotion, gel, or cream as these can actually damage the environment due to their size and composition.

Microbeads can also be rough on your skin.

Instead, you should use a product that contains natural ingredients, like sugar or salt, to effectively remove dead skin cells from your surface layers.

Skincare experts recommend using at-home skin care products for men like the Olay Regenerist Detoxifying Pore Scrub.

This product is gentle enough to use in a skincare regimen and includes skincare ingredients that make it perfect for those with sensitive skin, making it safe for everyday use.

The scrub is also effective in removing dirt and oil from your skin, even if you don't have time to shave every day.

When you exfoliate, you will notice that your skin looks brighter, feels smoother, and appears more youthful than before.

We recommend:
Olay Regenerist Detoxifying Pore Scrub
Olay Regenerist Cream 

3. Use an anti-aging moisturizer or serum to fight wrinkles and fine lines 

The next skin care tip for men is to moisturize your skin after cleansing in order to maintain moisture levels and restore any dryness that results from the cleanser.

You'll want something lightweight, fragrance-free, and preferably a product that contains skincare properties that can combat age-related skin damage.

Moisturizing is the most important step in skin care for men, especially during the winter months when skin tends to dry out more easily.

You can use a moisturizer that's specially formulated with ingredients that are gentle on the skin, and you can also use natural oils like coconut or olive oil as well which are natural moisturizers themselves.

4. Moisturize every day (even if you don't think you need it)

It's important that you moisturize daily to keep your skin looking hydrated and healthy. Even if you don't think you need it, skin care is important for men.

You should moisturize as you start your day every morning and after a shower or bath at night.

At least twice a day, you should slather your hands and face with skincare products like the Aqua Bomb moisturizer from Belif.

These lightweight skincare products are perfect for skin care regimens for men because they restore moisture levels without weighing down your skin or leaving it feeling oily or greasy.

You'll also find that the skincare ingredients in these products help to slow down the aging of your skin through improved elasticity and reduced lines, wrinkles, and sun damage.

They're great for skincare routines for men who spend lots of their time outdoors.

We recommend:
The True Cream – Aqua Bomb Moisturizer from Belif 

5. Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water, but not too much  

Drink plenty of water, but not too much. It's important to stay hydrated, but it's also important to not go overboard with your drinking so you don't put your health at risk.

Healthy adults should be drinking six to eight 8 oz. cups of water a day. This number can be higher or lower depending on different factors for different people, but this is a good general rule of thumb to follow to keep your skin healthy.

6. Wear sunscreen and hats when outdoors 

Sun exposure can cause skin cancer and advance skin aging. A recent study found the risk is even higher among people who have skincare problems.

The skin care products for men that are found on skincare sites are not sufficient to protect from the sun's harmful rays.

Men should wear sunscreen and a hat, especially when outdoors during the day. If you spend most of your day at the office and in front of a computer, then you also have to wear sunscreen or specially designed skincare for men.

Not all sunscreens have to just protect against the sun though, some can also help you moisturize. One of the best sunscreen moisturizers for men is the Hawaiian Tropic SPF 30 Lotion.

The formula is a broad-spectrum physical sunscreen that offers protection against UVA and UVB rays.

The lotion contains vitamins A and C, aloe vera, and green tea to provide antioxidant protection against free radicals. It also doesn't leave your skin feeling too greasy or oily after application.

We recommend:
Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Lotion, SPF 30  

7. Get regular facials as part of your skincare routine

While skincare for men is a relatively new trend, it has quickly become an important part of the skincare routine.

There are many products specifically designed for men and many skincare spas that offer male-only facials. You should never skimp on caring for your skin because you are  just as susceptible to sun damage and other skin issues as female skin. 

Facials will help get your skin looking younger and more vibrant. These treatments are usually more gentle than those for women.

The facial treatments contain different ingredients and focus on needs that are specific for men.

For example, if you have oily skin with acne, you will want to use skincare products that are designed for this type of skin.

If you have sensitive skin, there are skincare products specially designed to suit your particular needs, and if you have dry skin, you will want products to moisturize your skin. And all skincare products need to be carefully applied, so it is important that the professional who performs facial treatments on men is specially trained to do so.


Men traditionally have not had as much access to skincare products made especially for them, but now there are plenty on the market.

There is no reason for you to not take care of your skin and with these seven simple steps, we made it much easier for you to upgrade your skin routine.

Following these steps can help you have healthier-looking skin. If you continue to have problems, we recommend seeing your dermatologist to determine the right skin care treatments for you.

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