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Six Smart Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Prescriptions

Prescription drug prices have nearly doubled in the last decade. This cost increase has become a serious burden for consumers in the United States. Even individuals with great health insurance policies may find that they cannot afford the copay on prescription pills. In order to help fight against these costs, here are some smart ways to save money on your pharmaceuticals:

1. Explain Your Financial Situation To Your Physician

Though it may be difficult, doctors understand the cost burden of pharmaceuticals. If you tell them your financial situation, they may be able to find a more cost effective treatment for you. You doctor may also have some samples at their office they can give you for free.

2. Inquire About Dosage

Sometimes dosage can be a factor in pricing. Pills with double the dosage may often be cheaper. In that case, you can get the prescription with the larger dosage and take half of the pill for the recommended dosage. This can also work with pills containing a smaller dosage where you would double up on the dosage.

3. Avoid Add Ons

Many times when treating a chronic illness, doctors will prescribe addons until they can get the disease under control. See if you can work out a treatment plan with your doctor where you avoid any add ons.

4. Opt For Generics

Ask your doctor and pharmacist if there is a generic version of the prescription. Not all medications have a generic version, especially newer ones. However, generics are the exact same medication as the name brand and are often 80-85% less than name brands.

5. Shop Around

Many people just go to the pharmacy closest to them. However, there may be better prices at a different pharmacy. Before filling a prescription call different pharmacies in your local area and get pricing. Then you can go to the place with the most affordable prescriptions.

6. Get A Pharmacy Discount Card

Pharmacy discount cards can save you big on prescription pills. They work directly with pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies to get discounts on prescription pills. Often times these discounts cost less than your prescription copay.

All of these strategies can help you save money on prescriptions. The best option is really to get a pharmacy discount card like the USA Rx pharmacy discount card. The USA Rx pharmacy discount card has no fees, offers discounts on all FDA approved pharmaceuticals, and works in 50 states at over 60,000 different pharmacies to help save you big. Coupled with working with your doctor, shopping around, and considering your prescription options, you can save an average of 20-30% on pharmaceuticals.

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