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Simplifying The Pursuit Of Quality Of Life

Simplifying The Pursuit Of Quality Of LifeWith all the recent healthcare changes, most Americans are still unsure about the options that are offered for coverage of care. One of the problems is that conflicting attitudes towards the Healthcare Act have also resulted in conflicting messages about the options that it offers.

Before Obamacare came into action, the overwhelming issue that most people saw was one of cost. The tagline of a penalty for not having health insurance coverage convoluted much of any benefit that the act does provide. This was then combined with technical issues that created a more confusing health insurance marketplace, so that most applicants were still unsure of the process or the need.

As a result, some Americans received lesser coverage than would have been beneficial, or were uncertain about how to apply the subsidy in order to have less out of pocket on a premium. Coupled with the application issues is also the fact that much of the population remains unclear on how the new insurance program works.

In its simplest terms:

  • Private health insurance providers are still handling claims
  • People can choose from a provider they qualify for
  • Providers will vary by state, giving some people a larger selection of plans
  • All providers will offer several tiers of coverage
  • Some people may qualify for a government subsidy to help off-set the premium of whichever plan the person chose
  • Some people may qualify for government health care
  • The option of government health care is based on income and need

When viewed in this manner, the realization is that not all that much has really been altered with the new healthcare plan. The only true difference is that federal, and now state, based assistance facilitated plan affordability.

The parameters of any plan are still set out by the insurance provider. This means that auxiliary plans to cover medication are also lain out similarly as before. It also means that the concerns of patient compliance based on medication costs are a continuing present.

USA Rx can provide patients with another simple solution in the healthcare confusion. Our USA Rx pharmacy discount card can give people access to discount medicine prices at nearly any drug store. Since it is not a separate insurance plan, there is no fee, and applying online can be easy. With all the obstacles to wellness that are already present, it can be reassuring to have a simple solution to care.

Published March 12th, 2015 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by Chris Riley

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