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Should Your Company Offer A Discount Pharmacy Card?

Should Your Company Offer A Discount Pharmacy Card?Let's face it – despite all the promises and all the best efforts of the government, the recent health care reform laws can still be confusing to wade through. This is true for individuals, but even truer when you're running a company. Figuring out who must pay for insurance and what compliance issues you need to meet can be tricky, and affording the different policies you may have to provide can be expensive.

One thing you may look at is a discount card like the USA RX Pharmacy Discount Card. Our card works very simply:




  • A card holder presents the card to their pharmacist when they pick up their prescriptions
  • The pharmacist checks to see if any discounts are available for the drugs
  • The discounts are applied to the purchase


That's all there really is to it, and since the card is completely free it makes sense for those who need medication to at least try it to see if they can save money. But as a company, should you offer your employees a discount pharmacy card? The answer in most cases is – absolutely.

There are a few reasons to consider providing your workers with one of our cards, including the following.


  • In some instances it could help reduce the overall cost of an insurance policy. The specifics may vary, but it's worth seeing if you can get a slightly lower rate by using these cards.
  • If you don't provide insurance to employees, this can help them offset their own medication costs.
  • Employees will be grateful for the effort, and you can often build employee morale through the use of the card.
  • You may also reduce the number of callouts and sick days employees take since they may save money on their drugs and be more likely to actually use the medications they're prescribed. This helps boost productivity and your bottom line.
  • All major pharmacies accept the card – in fact, about 92% of American pharmacies accept it.


Those benefits can add up in significant ways, and since there's no cost to you there's really no risk associated with offering your employees one more way to reduce their expenses and save money. It works will all existing health insurance policies, and comes with no expiration date at all.

To get started, just contact us today and sign up through our simple online form. It's the first step towards giving your employees another great benefit.

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