Should You Get A Walmart Pharmacy Discount Card?

Published November 26th, 2019 by USA Rx
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ShouldYouGetAWalmartPharmacyDiscountCardFew people realize it because other science and technology tend to steal the spotlight, like smartphones, or robots on Mars, but medicine has made huge strides in improving American life. Before the kinds of medication that people take for granted today, child mortality rates were much higher, and conditions like diabetes could be crippling or even fatal.

Today, however, medicine, while not 100% foolproof, has made it possible for many Americans to enjoy a higher quality of life, and, in some cases, even save lives. But medicine, as with any technological or scientific advancement comes at a price. For some, medication is just a temporary expense, used to recover from an illness or deal with pain during recovery after surgery. For others, medication is there to manage a lifelong condition, and as the months and years add up, so does the considerable expense of needing access to that medicine.

While medical insurance can help to alleviate some of the costs, not everyone has access to it. This can put some Americans on the spot when it comes to juggling other monthly expenses with the need for medication, but there are large retailers, like Walmart, that can help a Walmart pharmacy discount card.

America’s Biggest Store

ShouldYouGetAWalmartPharmacyDiscountCardAmerica of today is very familiar with the Walmart name. Whether it’s in the biggest cities, or even out in rural areas, there’s usually a Walmart within driving distance of the average American, and it’s a store that has everything, from groceries to guns. Toda Walmart is, without a doubt, the largest chain retailer in the country, has managed to outlast some of the oldest established competitors in the market, like K-Mart or Sears.

But even though the Walmart of today is one of the megacorporations of the world, like other companies, it didn’t start that way. Walmart’s beginnings go back to the American south, in the state of Arkansas in the 1950s. It was just one man, Sam Walton, in Bentonville, who opened up his own 5 & 10. For those that aren’t aware, a 5 & 10 had its name because discount stores of the time, not suffering from the inflation we have now, could charge anywhere between 5¢ or 10¢ for items, whereas today, with adjusted dollars, the equivalent would be a dollar store.

Walton began his business because he had managed other stores, and was convinced that if he had his own, he could do it better, and directly benefit from it, rather than helping out another business to prosper. He was right, expanding his business and opening up many new outlets throughout the American south, although, of course, it didn’t just stop there. It took decades, the business, always focused on customers first, expanded its range of wares, and eventually realized that offering medication to its customers was another way to help them, and make the stores even more essential than before.

Walmart’s Focus

One of the reasons Walmart has been such a big success is because they’ve ignored the conventional business approach of looking at profit/loss statements and trying to find ways to operate cheaply. Instead, their philosophy is devoted to keeping prices low so that customers will prefer to shop there. When it comes to medications, however, the prices can be pretty significant, but Walmart did think about this and eventually arrived at the Walmart pharmacy discount card as their solution to the problem.

Unlike quite a few discount cards out there, the Walmart discount card is free. So there’s no need to pay a subscription fee to receive the card and start enjoying discounts. Customers don’t even need to join anything and have a membership, so there’s no need to worry about ensuring that registration is still valid from year to year. This discount card is called the Easy Drug Card, and it tries hard to live up to that name by being simple to get and use. All you have to do is go to the Easy Drug Card website and print out the discount card, or download it to your phone. That way, when you present your own printout or show your phone with the graphic image, it will be recognized and honored at any Walmart outlet.

Additional Considerations

Walmart is indisputably the largest retailer in America today, so while that makes the discount card convenient for some, that doesn’t make it a 100% perfect pharmacy solution for everyone. Walmart, for example, is in all 50 states, but that doesn’t always guarantee that an outlet is just minutes away, especially in rural areas. For some, a Walmart outlet may be an hour or more away, even by car.

issue is that Walmart, while large, is not a specialist. There are other businesses, like Walgreens, that are dedicated primarily to being pharmacies. So Walmart may not always have the same range, particularly for highly specialized or exotic medications, that a dedicated pharmacy would carry.

The Alternatives

If the Walmart pharmacy discount card doesn’t work for you, or you want some additional alternatives, so you’re not reliant on only one card, there are other choices. The USA Rx website is a very good option for people that need medication but may not have access to medical insurance to help mitigate the costs. There are quite a few advantages to using this card. The first is that, unlike the Walmart card, this card is recognized at a variety of different pharmacies. Over 60000 outlets across all 50 states recognize the USA Rx discount card, whereas the Walmart card is only valid at the 11000+ branches of Walmart around the country.

The other big benefit is that, like the Walmart card, the Rx card is free. You can use it similarly to the Walmart card by going to the USA Rx website and either printing out your own card or downloading the card onto your phone and presenting that at the point of purchase when you go to your preferred pharmacy. Depending on the medication, the discounts are anywhere from 10-75% off.

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