Say Goodbye To Psoriasis With A New Medication Approved By The FDA

Published March 21st, 2017 by USA Rx
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Say Goodbye To Psoriasis With A New Medication Approved By The FDAPlaque psoriasis is the most common form of psoriasis, and when traditional medications are not working, it is capable of causing extreme discomfort.. Extra skin cells are reproduced more quickly than normal, which leads old cells to be pushed to the surface of the skin. The end result is an itchy red rash with silvery, flaky patches. Luckily, for people suffering from these symptoms, with little or no relief from traditional medications, the FDA just approved Siliq.

The intended use of the drug is for adults with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis. It gives individuals a new option for controlling the symptoms of the autoimmune disorder. The unpleasant symptoms, associated with the disorder, may be able to be kept in check with this medication, but there are always items to take into consideration before taking a new medication.

Are You Afraid Of Injections?

Siliq is administered by injection, so for individuals that do not like needles, this medication may not be the right choice for them. It may only hurt for a second, but for people afraid of injections, it can seem like an eternity. Panic, stress, and other uncomfortable feelings can accompany injections. These are not necessarily good items to add to your situation, so communicating with your doctor is of the utmost importance.

Aside from the above mentioned fear, there are also added risks that come along with the medication. Suicidal ideation and behavior were reported in some individuals during the testing process. Certain precautions have been put in place, in an attempt to avoid these situations, but the risk is still there. It is recommended that all of the risks, and benefits, be discussed thoroughly with your doctor. Therefore, patients with a history of suicidal behavior, are not the best candidates for this medication.

Labeling And A Restricted Program

A warning label is being included, on the packaging of Siliq. This is to keep patients informed about the heightened risk of suicidal ideation and behavior. This protects the drug manufacturer, as well as any individual considering taking the medication. Also, it is only available through a restricted program. This means that…

  • A Patient-Prescriber Agreement must be signed. This ensures that patients are made aware of the risks involved with taking the medication. It is also a way for prescribers to consult with consumers about seeking medical attention, should suicidal thoughts, or tendencies arise.
  • Prescribers must be certified, within the program, to prescribe the medication. This ensures that individuals prescribing the medication have a full understanding of the risks involved.
  • Pharmacies must also be certified in the program, and they are only allowed to dispense the medication to individuals that are authorized to receive it.

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