Saving on Insulin with Prescription Discount Programs

Published January 13th, 2020 by USA Rx
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SavingonInsulinwithPrescriptionDiscountProgramsIf you have been diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, then you are dependent on insulin. If you find yourself having to cut down or ration your insulin because the costs to obtain it are just too high, then you can ultimately face dire consequences for your health.

Insured or not insured, insulin can definitely cause a dent in your bank account. So, it is important to do everything you can to save on your insulin costs. This includes finding prescription discount programs that can help with these high costs.

I Have Insurance. What Can I Do?

SavingonInsulinwithPrescriptionDiscountProgramsIf you are an insured patient that requires insulin, you want first to put in a call to your insurance company to find out what the preferred insulin products are. It is the first question you should ask after finding out that insulin is going to be a new regular expense for you.

Next, you need to locate your preferred pharmacy. Whether it is a pharmacy in a local retail store, or you choose mail order, you still need to contact the insurance company to find out who you can go through.

I Already Take Insulin

It Isn't Preferred If you and your doctor have decided that it is not in your best interest to switch your current insulin to one that is preferred by the insurance company, then you may need to have a prior authorization form filled out. With this form, your insurance company may allow you to stay on the current insulin and cover some of the cost.

However, you may still need to enlist the help of prescription discount programs, cards, and coupons to help with the costs for your insulin and other diabetic supplies. Keep in mind that some discount cards do not cover mail order prescriptions and you will have to check with your local pharmacy.

I Am Uninsured and Need Insulin

If you are one of the many Americans currently without health insurance and you are in need of insulin, you want to check sites like USA Rx for printable coupons and discount offers on your insulin. The coupons on the site are all active and do not require any kind of pre-approval before you can use them.

Simply go online, find the medication that you need and then print, text, or email your coupon to show the pharmacy. There are also some programs that can help you pay for your insulin. However, these programs have strict eligibility restrictions, and their requirements and limitations are very specific.

Different Classes of Insulin

Insulin comes in different classes. There are rapid-acting or long-acting insulins, for example. These insulins are in different classes because they have varying peak times and they may be effective for different lengths of time as well.

If you choose to switch from one insulin to another, you will also more than likely need to be under close observation by your doctor. This is especially true if you have Type 1 Diabetes.

You may also require a continuous glucose monitor such as a Dexcom or Eversense monitor. These additional costs without insurance coverage can begin to add up if you don't find savings on your insulin.

Help from Insulin Manufacturers

One of the fastest ways to get help paying for your insulin, in addition to prescription discount programs, is by contacting the manufacturer directly. There are three insulin manufacturers who can offer patients immediate assistance when they need more long-term solutions when it comes to their insulin and diabetes supplies.

Lilly Diabetes Solution Center, Novo Nordisk Diabetes Care, and Sanofi Patient Assistance may be able to help. To find out who the manufacturer of your current insulin is, simply check the logo on your insulin vial or pen.

Before you make the call, you will want to be prepared to answer a number of questions about yourself, your income, your dosage, and your active prescription for insulin, among other questions.

Affordable Access to Insulin

The American Diabetes Association knows that access to affordable insulin is imperative and can be a matter of life and death. Currently, there are over 7 million people in the United States who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

So, rather than finding and settling on lower grade insulin, make sure to check your eligibility for prescription drug discounts, discount Rx coupons, and other assistance programs that can help you pay little to nothing out of pocket for your insulin and supplies - insured, uninsured, or underinsured.

Choosing USA Rx

To start saving on your insulin as well as any other prescription medications you have to take, sign up for USA Rx today. It is not an insurance plan. Rather, it is a discount prescription card that can help save you money on all your prescription medication needs. The card can be used by anyone in your family, your friends, and even co-workers who find themselves in need of some prescription assistance.

If you are insured and your insurance covers your prescription drugs, this discount card is still an option because there may be certain medications that are not approved by your insurance company.

When this happens, you either have to switch to something else or pay cash out of pocket for your medicine. A discount card can help with the high costs we usually see for some medications, and you can save money each month on your refills.

How Do I Use the Discount Card?

After you receive your card, simply show it to your pharmacist along with your prescription. If it is a participating pharmacy, you will get the lowest available price for your medication. The price you will find with a USA Rx discount card is usually much lower than any other retail price you would find with another discount savings card.

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