Saving On Healthcare in 2020: Rx Discount Coupons And More

Published January 9th, 2020 by USA Rx
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SavingOnHealthcarein2020RxDiscountCouponsAndMoreFor most people, welcoming the new decade is a time to celebrate new beginnings, hope, and the promise of better days. While thousands of great things come hand-in-hand with the new decade, Americans must keep in mind that a new year means the possibility of the hiking of prices for goods, in particular, medications and healthcare, at a rather rapid rate of increase once more.

According to The Atlantic, drug prices are said to increase by 6.3 percent every year. As the year 2020 approaches, it’s wise to start planning how to make the next year or even the next decade more financially manageable. Unlike shopping for clothes or going out to expensive restaurants, healthcare isn’t something that can be compromised, neither should it be scrimped on. However, it is definitely possible to find better alternatives in order to cut down on costs. From telemedicine to Rx discount coupons, read on for some of the best ways you can spend wiser and save more on healthcare and medications in 2020.


SavingOnHealthcarein2020RxDiscountCouponsAndMoreThe growing telemedicine industry is redefining the concept of accessible healthcare. Originally developed for patients from remote, rural areas, telemedicine enables patients to talk to medical professionals through the internet to discuss symptoms, conduct routine check-ups, receive counseling, discuss treatment options, and even get a prescription. Telemedicine can help patients to not only save on transportation costs they would normally have to spend on normal hospital visits, but it also costs relatively less than a regular checkup at a doctor’s office, or a trip to the emergency room. A variety of health insurance plans now provide coverage for telemedicine services as well.

With the help of telemedicine apps and mobile devices that can collect data such as blood pressure, vitals, blood sugar, and the like, the possibilities for the future of telemedicine are endless. Pregnant women can benefit from telemedicine through routine video check-ups with their gynecologists, busy professionals can converse with their therapists over their lunch breaks, and the elderly can receive prescriptions for their maintenance medications without leaving their homes, the list goes on. However, telemedicine is not suitable for illnesses that require immediate, hands-on care, such as strokes, heart-attacks, head injuries, and other medical emergencies.

Hack With Higher Dosages

Sometimes it just takes a little creativity to attain the best results. A smart way to save on your prescriptions, if the medications prescribed to you are tablets, is to ask your doctor if the tablets come in higher dosages and if you can cut the pills in half. For some medications, the price for pills with higher dosages could cost a little more or even the same price as their counterparts with lower dosages.

For example, if you’re prescribed 500mg of metformin per day, check if its 1000mg equivalent costs less than getting two 500mg tablets. If they cost less, you can purchase a lesser quantity of pills but in higher dosages, and use a pill cutter to intake the right dosage. This allows you to save up to 50% of how much you’d normally spend had you purchased individual 500mg tablets. However, not every tablet retains its effectivity after it has been cut, some could even cause problems when cut then ingested. Before purchasing a higher dosage, ask your pharmacist if it’s alright to cut the tablets you’re about to purchase. If not, purchase the smaller dosages instead, better safe than sorry.

Keep Copies Of Your Medical Records

Whether they’re records from your workplace’s annual physical exam or records from your visits to the doctor’s office, it’s always good to keep your medical records and other important paperwork onhand and organized at home in order to have them at the ready when you need them. These records will come in handy in case you choose to switch to a new doctor who’d likely request tests for bloodwork, scans, or ultrasounds, you could present your most recent records to see if they would suffice.

This allows you to save on having to get these tests done again, which would often be unnecessary if you just recently had them. You also would not have to worry about taking a day off work to get them done again. Make sure to requests copies of these documents as soon as you receive them, as requesting them later on may cost you more.

Save With Rx Discount Coupons

One surefire way you can save on your prescription medications is by using trusted Rx discount coupons. These coupons or vouchers can lessen the prices you have to pay for certain medications when purchasing them at your local pharmacy. Rx discount coupons are often available online, or even with medical professionals such as your family physician. On your next visit to the doctor’s office, ask your doctor if they have any available Rx discount coupons for the medications they’re prescribing you. More often than not, doctors are willing to give these coupons or vouchers to their patients for free.

If your doctor does not have any coupons available for you, you could easily find discount Rx coupons on the internet. Some coupons, which would be excellent options for many patients, can be applied to a wide range of medications. Try finding Rx discount coupons that can be kept permanently, with discounts that can be used again and again whenever you purchase your prescriptions at the pharmacy. Good Rx discount coupons would offer you between 10-75% off a wide range of medications, and cost absolutely free.

Published January 9th, 2020 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by
Chris Riley

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