Save Money On Prescriptions With A Medicine Discount Card

Published January 21st, 2020 by USA Rx
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SaveMoneyOnPrescriptionsWithAMedicineDiscountCardMedicine can be expensive in America, but if you’re wealthy, have a job with comprehensive health benefits, or can afford an expansive health insurance policy with co-pay, you can do a lot to mitigate that cost. For many people, however, none of these benefits apply. Someone that has a chronic medical condition is facing a lifetime of expenses for medication that can’t be “cut down” the way dining or shopping habits can.

However, there’s hope. There may be no way to cut down on the medication needed to manage symptoms, but there are ways to pay less, and one of them is to get and use a medicine discount card.

What Is It?

SaveMoneyOnPrescriptionsWithAMedicineDiscountCardA medicine discount card is a special document that you present to a pharmacist before you purchase prescription medication. Pharmacists may, depending on their business status, be affiliated with one or more discount programs.

If you present a card that is part of a program to which that pharmacist is affiliated, then you will receive a lower price on the medication you need. You must always have some form of this card ready to present at the time of purchase.

Where Can You Use It?

This depends on the card, and which program is offering. Some of the largest retailers in the USA, such as Walmart, or Walgreens, have their discount cards, but those discount cards are, unsurprisingly, only valid at the respective retail outlet. You can’t use a Walmart discount card at your locally owned and operated pharmacist, and if you try to use a Walgreens card at a Walmart, they won’t validate your discount.

Other discount cards allow any participating pharmacist that is willing to join. This means that with the right discount card, you can buy medication at your corner pharmacist just as easily as you would if you were at Target, and the discount would still be applied.

How Do You Get One?

For retail-specific cards, go to the individual retail outlet or website, like Walgreens or Walmart, and apply. But if you want a card that’s recognized in every state, including Alaska and Hawaii, and is recognized at over 60,000 outlets around the country, try going online and applying at the USA Rx website.

The best part about this card is it’s free, with no subscription or annual membership dues required, and you don’t even need to wait for an official card to be issued. You can print the card out yourself from the website, or keep a digital image on your phone and present that at the time of purchase.

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