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Recent Rulings Challenge Obamacare Subsidies

It seems like Obamacare hasn't left the headlines since it was introduced a few years ago, and it is still getting national attention. July of 2014 saw two different courts hand down opposing rulings on the same subject, which has led to even more confusion over the new health care laws. Taking a closer look at what's going on is something that most people will want to do since health care laws now impact all of us.

The court decisions centered on the subsidies that help people pay for their insurance plans. Under the new law, all Americans are required to have insurance or pay penalties each year. However, for those who struggle to make ends meet, receiving subsidies could help offset the costs of their policies. But those subsidies are under question now. Here are the two rulings:

  • A DC court ruled that the subsidies are only available to those who live in states that operate their own, independent health insurance exchanges.
  • A Virginia court ruled that the subsidies in question should be available to anyone, regardless of whether or not their state has its own exchange in place.

What this means isn't fully clear, and experts expect the case to head all the way to the US Supreme Court for a final decision. But what does it mean to those who currently have insurance and are getting tax credits or other subsidies? For now, not much. Nothing has changed at the moment and likely won't until the long legal battle finally comes to a close.

However, in preparation of the potential to lose subsidies it's a very good idea to carefully evaluate your situation and do what you can to reduce medical costs even further. Steps to take could include anything from shopping around for different insurance policies to speaking to an insurance expert for advice.

Another good step to take is to add the USA RX pharmacy card to your life. This card is free to apply for and use, and could help reduce the cost of medicine. It works with your existing insurance policy, but can also be used by those with no insurance at all. As a result, it can help you save a tremendous amount of money no matter what the courts end up deciding.

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Published August 26th, 2014 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by Chris Riley

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