Protect Your Personal Info: It’s About More Than Privacy

Published September 8th, 2015 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Protect Your Personal Info:  It’s About More Than PrivacyWhen you are online, you are not a person – not really. Instead of being an individual who is clearly different from all other individuals, you are a series of names, numbers, addresses, and passwords, and you are (hopefully) the only person in the world who knows what they all are.  


The Information Paradox

Unfortunately, the only way to go about making use of all these names and numbers is to share them with others. That’s the only way to prove you are who you say you are, after all, and there’s no person or business in the world who can sell something to a person whom they don’t know even exists.

In the ordinary course of events, the businesses you contact will keep your information secure and secret, and if you don’t have any further business with them, they should delete it altogether. Perhaps as much as 99 percent of your online transactions will be completely safe and cause you no problems whatsoever, but that last 1 percent can cause a whole lot of damage if you don’t watch out for it.  


Staying Safe

There are certain circumstances which are entirely out of your control, such as if a hacker breaks into a corporation’s credit card database. Other situations may demand a passive sort of care, such as using firewall and antivirus software to prevent anyone from accessing your computer remotely and infecting it with viruses and keylogging programs which can record and pass on your passwords and personal information. However, you must also maintain an active vigilance against scammers who will ask you directly for your information under the guise of legitimacy.

One of the common methods which scammers employ to get your information is sending an email from a domain which sounds like but isn’t from a real service provider, such as Medicare or a credit card company. The email will say that for some reason the company needs you to send or resend important information like credit card or bank account numbers, your Social Security Number, or your user name and password.

Another common method con artists use is creating a website which either sounds similar to a legitimate company or else presents itself as a real business but provides little to nothing of what it promises. Instead, it leads you on long enough to get all your important information and then sells it off to others who will use it to steal money and buy items in your name.

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