Printable Prescription Drug Coupons Is The Smart Way To Save On Meds

Published January 27th, 2020 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

PrintablePrescriptionDrugCouponsIsTheSmartWayToSaveOnMedsSome people need medicine only when they’re sick, but others need medication for an entire lifetime. Anyone that has a chronic condition like asthma or diabetes already knows that without ready access to that medication, life can be uncomfortable or even endangered. So “cutting down” the way you might on drinking at bars, or going to the movies to save money, isn’t an option.

Unfortunately, medication, especially over the years, can get very expensive. So while you can’t save money by using less medication, you can save money by paying less on it. Printable prescription drug coupons are one way to do this.

What Are They?

PrintablePrescriptionDrugCouponsIsTheSmartWayToSaveOnMedsPrintable prescription drug coupons are a form of a discount card that you can present to a pharmacist when you’re ready to buy your medication. Pharmacists often have the choice to affiliate themselves with certain discount programs. If the card you present is one that the pharmacist you’re shopping at is an affiliate member, you’ll get a lower price applied to your purchase. Most discount cards are real, physical cards, made of plastic, like your credit or debit card, that must be issued by the affiliate program. Walgreens, for example, will give out a discount card to people willing to pay $20 per year for it. Walgreens will issue a special card, and that card must be presented for the discount to apply.

The Printable Alternative

Printable prescription drug coupons, on the other hand, do not need to be officially issued by the affiliate program. If you have a printer at home, you can print out the card yourself, and carry it in your wallet. The fact that it’s printed out on printer paper at home does not invalidate the authenticity of the card. In fact, in some cases, a prescription card doesn’t even require a paper printout. Some cards are acceptable in digital format, where you present the image of the card as a picture file on your phone. As long as the image is clear and can be scanned, the discount will be recognized and applied.

If you’re interested in using such printable prescription drug coupons for your next medication purchase, try the USA Rx website. The card is free to apply, and is recognized at over 60,000 pharmacies in all 50 states, including large retail chains like Target, and smaller, independently owned and operated outlets like the one that might be in your neighborhood. If you want to start saving, sign up, and try it for yourself.

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