Prescription Drugs Aren’t The Only Solution

Published December 10th, 2015 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Drug companies have a powerful incentive to encourage both patients and doctors to seek out prescription medications instead of over-the-counter alternatives or lifestyle changes. New prescription drugs are often sold for many times the manufacturing cost, and while some of that does go into the research and development cycle, the rest is pure profit for the company that owns the patent or brand. But just because a pharmaceutical company thinks its products are your best option doesn’t mean that you should take their word for it.

A Pill A Day Keeps the Effort Away

Part of the problem with the prescription approach is how tempting it is. While you could do things like change your diet and exercise more to combat chronic illnesses like type II diabetes or high blood pressure, it’s so much easier to just take a pill every day and then not change anything else about your habits.

It may turn out that the drug you’re using either doesn’t work as well when you aren’t doing your part to improve your health, or it may even carry serious side effects you wouldn’t have to worry about otherwise, but that’s the price you pay for convenience. And if the drug companies should happen to benefit from your laziness, then so be it.

The Holistic Approach

While some conditions demand a regular regimen of prescription drugs to either cure the problem or minimize its effects, almost all of the most common illnesses in America have environmental factors, which means that the way you live has an impact on your health.

Pharmaceutical companies may run friendly little advertisements on television and online about how much better your life will be with their new medication, but your ultimate goal should be to reach a point where you have to take as few drugs as possible. Prescription medication is no substitute for good lifestyle decisions, not when medications often come with problematic side effects, fail to work properly with many individuals, and are almost always expensive.

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