Prescription Drug Costs

Published May 13th, 2014 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Prescription Drug CostsThe cost of prescription drugs has seen a recent increase within the past decade. This, many who rely on the use of prescription drugs to remain healthy can tell you, is both a good and bad thing. And the truth is that there is a very real need for prescription drug discounts—even with the enacted Affordable Care Act. This is where we come in.

These costs have always been a encumbrance to Americans and despite the recent shifts in workplace mandates placed on by the ACA, people will still need to know where else they can cut costs, where they can go and what they can do to obtain their prescriptions at discounted rates. Higher financial burden may have decreased, while prescription drug prices have increased.

It’s worth mentioning that, had prescription spending not decreased, it would include an overall higher financial burden with regard to the cost of health care. Still, though there are many families living with high burden costs, they’re being helped by programs like ours.

We always recommend taking a second and even third look at your formulary, a list of preferred drugs. Many of the drugs listed there will be moved to high tiers, and those higher-tier drugs come equipped with higher co-payments and deductibles. This is a reason why so many people seek out prescription discounts and prefer generic brand prescriptions, which are typically cheaper.

In 2012 alone, the percentage of generic-brand prescriptions increased from nearly 60% to 84%, and their use has saved consumers over $200 billion dollars. When it comes to seeking out the healthcare needed, as well as the prescriptions needed, a large number of Americans felt the need to rely on OTC medications and home remedies, as opposed to seeing a doctor. They weren't filling prescriptions, and those that were filling them, often resorted to skipping, cutting and rationing doses.

Don’t be one of the few who skip prescriptions and necessary medical care for fear of high costs. It’s possible to receive the assistance you need. When you have your USA Rx card in hand, you receive discounted prescriptions. And the money you save can then be used to visit your doctor when their services become necessary.

We at are providing you with pharmacy discount cards. These discounts are negotiated with prescription drug manufacturers, keeping you in mind. No matter your insurance status, our card can be yours today.

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