Prescription Discount Programs Are For Everyone

Published February 17th, 2020 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

PrescriptionDiscountProgramsAreForEveryoneIt’s a common misconception that prescription discount programs are only for some. The uninsured may need these programs to be able to afford the medications they need without insurance coverage, underinsured may require prescription discount programs to cover the gaps they have in their limited coverage. While both of these points are true, the truth of the matter is that prescription discount programs are for everyone, even those with full insurance coverage.

It's an unfortunate fact that 25% of Americans struggle to pay for their prescriptions, and it’s an even more unfortunate fact that 10% of Americans find their prescriptions extremely difficult to budget for. For those that fall into this extremely difficult category, they may regularly skip filling their prescriptions and taking their medications because they simply cannot afford to do so. This can lead to worsening health, and suffering symptoms that simply do not have to be suffered with, with the right prescription discount programs.

The 25% who struggle to pay for prescriptions and the 10% who have a particularly difficult struggle may be uninsured, underinsured, or fully insured. An unfortunate reality is that insurance coverage does not always include all medications, and copays can be expensive for those who are fully insured. Because prescription discount programs are for everyone, no person is excluded, and no person has to struggle with paying full price or full copay price for their prescription medications.

Because prescription discount programs are for everyone, this includes those with pre-existing conditions. Prescription discount programs aren’t insurance policies, and they don’t require you to answer medical questions in order to obtain the discounts you need. Those with pre-existing conditions are equally covered when compared to those with no pre-existing conditions, and they will receive the same discounts on the same medications.

How To Use Your Prescription Discount Programs Card

PrescriptionDiscountProgramsAreForEveryonePrescription discount programs are exceptionally easy to use, and you may be surprised by just how seamless the entire experience is. To obtain your prescription discount programs card, just print it out on your home computer and you’re ready to bring it along to the pharmacy of your choice. There is no cost associated with your prescription discount programs card, and there are no medical questionnaires, surveys, or exams to go through. Any person can simply print out their card, place their card in a pocket, purse, or wallet, and bring their card to the local pharmacy to receive discounts on prescriptions.

The card you print out is pre-activated, which means it’s ready to be used as soon as you’re ready to use it. Perhaps you’ve been ill recently and your doctor prescribes you a medication to take care of your illness or the symptoms that come along with it. You find that your prescriptions are more than you can afford, so you look into prescription discount programs to offset the cost. You find the program, you print out your free prescription discount card, and you’re ready to use it right away on your trip to the pharmacist.

To use your prescription discount programs card, simply hand your card over to your pharmacist when you go to pick up your prescriptions. Your pharmacist will use the information on the card to obtain your discount, and they will let you know what you’re saving by using your prescription discount programs card. After you give your pharmacist your information the first time, you won’t need to bring your card again as long as you use the same pharmacy. The pharmacy will save your discount program information and continue giving you your discounts automatically.

For those who are insured and comparing the cost of their prescription discount programs prices with their copay prices, you can also have your pharmacist tell you what the differences in price may be. In some instances, your prescription discount programs cost will be less than your copay, and in others your copay may be less. You’ll be able to choose the price you pay, and opt for the lesser cost depending on the prescription you’re picking up. Your prescription discount programs aren’t just for you, they are for the entire family. As a matter of fact, the single prescription discount card you print out can be used over and over again for all of your loved ones’ prescriptions. If your child is sick and requires a prescription, you can use your card to get discounts on their medications, and the same rings true for all of your family and friends.

Where Are Prescription Discount Programs Accepted?

Prescription discount programs are voluntary programs, which means not all pharmacies everywhere will accept these programs or offer their discounts. However, our prescription discount program is accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies across the entire United States, so you’re able to get the discounts you need with complete convenience. Our prescription discount programs are accepted by all major pharmacy chains, and a simple to use locator can show you where your closest participating pharmacies may be. Chances are, prescription discount programs are already accepted at the pharmacies you already use.

Prescription discount programs give Americans their right to affordable prescriptions back. When you find a participating pharmacy location, you can receive discounts ranging from 10% to 75% on a vast array of different medications, making affordability a much smaller concern when it comes to taking care of your regular health. Americans are prescribed medications for a reason, and wellness should be accessible to all. With prescription discount programs that are easy to use, convenience is kept a priority. You don’t have to travel far and wide to use these prescription discount programs, and you don’t need to jump through hoops to get the discounts you need. You’re able to have options when it comes to the discounts you use or the copays you pay, and those uninsured, underinsured, or fully insured can use their discounts when they’d like to use them. With prescription discount programs, wellness is more within reach than ever before.

Published February 17th, 2020 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by
Chris Riley

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