Prescription Discount Drug Cards For Small Businesses

Published May 11th, 2017 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Insurance can be an incredibly costly benefit to offer employees for smaller businesses, especially prescription drug coverage plans. Lawmakers know this and so as a small business owner, you are not be required to offer your employees insurance if you have less than 50 full-time employees. However, not offering prescription benefits can cost you in long term costs of sick employees. Also, you may miss out on hiring skilled employees, who will pass on the position for one with prescription drug coverage. There is another option beyond insurance to help your employees pay for prescription drugs.

Consider A Pharmacy Discount Card

Pharmacy discount cards offer an alternative to prescription drug coverage to keep costs love for you employees. Pharmacy discount cards work directly with drug companies, manufacturers, and pharmacies to offer discounts outside of insurance on prescription drugs. These discounts on average range from 20-30% and in some cases can save up to 80%. Even if you offer your employees prescription drug insurance, pharmacy discount cards can still help them save money because often times the discounts offered to cardholders are less than the copays or deductibles required by the insurance companies.

How To Sign Up Your Employees

The best part about a pharmacy discount card is that you can easily sign up all your employees. If you pick a legitimate program, like the USA Rx pharmacy discount card, it is also offered completely free. Furthermore, since pharmacy discount cards often get discounts through bulk pricing, the more employees you sign up for the program, the more likely you are to help them save money. Here is how to get started signing up your employees:

1. Go to and sign up your employees. You won’t need any personal information or medical history to get started. Simply input their first and last names and their email address.

2. Next instruct your employees to print out the cards and then take them whenever they need to fill a prescription.

3. If your employees are curious if they work at their local pharmacy or offer discounts on their specific prescriptions, they can search on the home page at They can also print coupons directly.

Three steps and your employees are ready to go, it’s that simple! So rather than worrying about how your employees can afford their prescriptions or how you can afford to offer expensive prescription drug insurance, sign your company up for a pharmacy discount card at USA Rx. This will help mitigate the costs and is a great benefit to offer everyone in your company.

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