Pharmacy Discount Cards – Common FAQ’s

Published May 7th, 2015 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by
Chris Riley

Pharmacy Discount Cards – Common FAQ’sConsumers who are struggling to pay their prescription prices now have an alternative to paying the full amount for their medications. This cost-savings option is called the USA Rx pharmacy discount card and hundreds of Americans are already taking advantage of it. In many cases, consumers have certain questions that we answer on a regular basis. So we have made a list and answered the most commonly asked ones. Consider the following:

  1. Are there any restrictions with the USA Rx pharmacy discount card that I need to know about? Anybody can participate in our savings card program because there are never any restrictions where enrollment is concerned. The card is available everywhere, it has no expiration date, and best of all, it’s absolutely FREE!
  2. Are there pharmacies in my location that will honor my USA Rx pharmacy discount card? Since there are more than 60,000 participating pharmacies in our, there is a good possibility that your pharmacy will accept our card. Just be sure you check with them first and if they don’t accept it, you always have the option of switching to one that does.
  3. Can I save money by purchasing my prescription medications online? You can find a number of discounts on prescription medications when using our card to purchase them online.
  4. Do I have to tell my physician about the USA Rx pharmacy discount card? It really isn’t necessary to tell him or her about your pharmacy discount card when they are writing your prescription refills.
  5. What prescription medications are covered by the USA Rx pharmacy discount card? Most FDA-approved prescription medications are covered whether they are the brand name or the generic version. Just remember that not every drug has a generic alternative.
  6. What should I do if my pharmacist tells me I won’t save any money on my medications? It’s not unusual for some pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to confuse the USA Rx pharmacy discount card with other less-credible programs. Until he or she enters your prescription into their computer, they normally won’t know how much you will be saving.
  7. Who can I contact if I have a problem using my card? You have two options for contacting us. You can contact us by calling our toll-free number (888) 277-3911 or if you prefer you can e-mail us at [email protected]. One of our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to assist you in any way they can.
  8. Will my personal information be protected? We treat every individual’s privacy the same way we would want our own to be treated. With USA Rx, your personal information and privacy is always protected.

These 8 questions are some of the more common ones that we answer on a regular basis. If you don’t see your question answered above, please contact us at our toll-free phone number or e-mail address (see question #7 above). One of our knowledgeable staff members will be happy to assist you.

Published May 7th, 2015 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by
Chris Riley

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