Pharmacy Discount Card Scams That Everyone Needs To Be Aware Of

Published June 18th, 2015 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Pharmacy Discount Card Scams That Everyone Needs To Be Aware OfEvery consumer regardless of their age group has the potential to be the victim of fraudulent activity and a wide range of scams, one of which is the FREE pharmacy discount card scam. While the USA Rx pharmacy discount card is without question the real deal, unscrupulous individuals have targeted this industry for the sake of their own ill-gotten gains. With the signing into law of the Affordable Care Act in March of 2010, opinions became polarized and US citizens were divided over this issue.


2 Common Scams To Be Aware Of

One of the two scams that we are going to discuss here is the “counterfeit discount card” scam. Scam artists are selling these to unsuspecting individuals who were told that they would be receiving real insurance coverage through this phony pharmacy discount card. Sadly, these individuals had to pay out of pocket for any expenses they incurred while getting medical attention or purchasing prescription medications.

The other is the “ObamaCare” scam that is currently being peddled by numerous con artists who are victimizing the public’s ignorance of these fraudulent activities. They contact people and identify themselves as either “ObamaCare” agents or “Obama Health Plan” providers in order to sell them healthcare coverage that is federally-approved. Supposedly, these plans protect people from “death panels” and offer them unrealistically deep discounts on the plan.


About The USA Rx Pharmacy Discount Card

The FREE USA Rx pharmacy discount card offered by USA Rx is NOT healthcare insurance. However, it is a savings card that will help underinsured and uninsured individuals save up to 75% on certain prescription medications. It is also ideal for those individuals who have healthcare without prescription drug coverage or whose deductibles are exceedingly high. Plus, it is accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies throughout the US. For more information about our company and the USA Rx pharmacy discount card, contact us today by calling toll-free at 888-277-3911 or by e-mailing us at [email protected].

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