Pharmacies Are Joining The Telehealth Landscape

Published April 7th, 2016 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

“Telehealth” is a brand-new buzzword that’s growing in popularity thanks to a number of startups and other businesses which are starting to take advantage of the new mobile landscape to deliver a variety of health care advice and consultations at any time and any location. Telehealth initiatives include discussions with your doctor and home-based physical therapy sessions, and now you can add telepharmacies to the list.

Instant Medication Assistance

The Seton Healthcare Family is currently experimenting with a pharmacy consultation service which doesn’t issue or fill prescriptions but which can explain how your current medications are interacting, what sort of schedule you should be taking them on, and why you may be experiencing a certain side effect.

By connecting to their service with a webcam or a smartphone with a video connection, you’ll be able to speak with a knowledgeable pharmacist regardless of whether you’re at home, on vacation, or staying in a hospital. Taking a variety of drugs on a strict and overlapping schedule can be difficult to manage, but Seton’s telepharmacists can make it easier to understand your schedule by creating a handy time sheet you can either print out or else keep with you on your phone.

A Win-Win Scenario

The reason telehealth initiatives are taking off as fast as they are is easy enough to understand: not only are these videophone consultations fast and easy for customers, they’re also fast and easy for the doctors, pharmacists, and physical therapists sitting at the other side. There’s no time wasted on commuting, setting up a room, or going through endless stacks of health insurance paperwork.

While all these things are still necessary for a longer and more in-depth visit, along with tests, scans, and physical examinations, telehealth has essentially created a category of health care visit that never existed before. You can now conduct a short and sweet discussion about your personal health and medical status without having to wait 20 minutes or more for a two-minute status update and a doctor’s confirmation that you should keep doing what you’ve been doing or that you should switch medications because the current mix isn’t having an effect.

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