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Patient Advocates Are Often Worth The Price

Patient Advocates Are Often Worth The PriceAmerican health care is a trillion dollar industry, and between all the tests, surgeries, specialists, medications, and treatment plans out there, it can be hard for patients to navigate all the ins and outs of their conditions and find the best, least expensive path to getting well.

It’s because of all these problems that a new profession has started to appear: patient advocates. With doctors too overworked and too limited by hospitals and insurers to keep their patients’ best interests in mind, patient advocates have stepped into the space they left behind and act to protect patients from the self-interest of insurance companies and health care providers.

Patient advocates can translate difficult medical jargon, locate specialists in the area who have experience with the patient’s illness, hunt down the best deals on pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceutical treatments, and navigate the many layers of bureaucracy that stand between patients and their health. They can even negotiate hospital bills, which most patients don’t even realize is possible.

Patient advocates are expensive, with fees that start at $100 per hour and only go up from there, but with the help of a good advocate, many patients can end up saving thousands of dollars. In fact, many people who became doctors in order to help others have become patient advocates in order to start making a difference again.

That being said, however, you should be careful whom you choose to represent you. Since the profession is so new, there are few regulations on who can become a patient advocate and little in the way of standardized training. Before hiring a patient advocate, make sure to get referrals from previous clients and make sure he or she has experience with your condition.

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Published September 13th, 2016 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by Chris Riley

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