Obamacare Hits 365,000 Enrollments: Is the 7 million Target Too Ambitious?

Published December 11th, 2013 by Chris Riley
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Chris Riley

Obamacare by the numbers

More than two months after Obamacare's dismal debut, the number of Americans using the system is starting to grow: Nearly 1.2 million people are on track to have health coverage in place next year from the law's health insurance exchanges, the Department of Health and Human Services announced Wednesday.

From Oct. 1 through Nov. 30, almost 365,000 people enrolled into private health insurance via the federal and state marketplaces and more than 803,000 were deemed eligible for Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program, according to the department. This however falls somewhat short of the initial administration target which was to have 7 million Americans under private insurance and 9 million under Medicaid by March 31st 2014.

The pace of sign-ups accelerated in November after the Obama administration worked to solve technical problems with healthcare.gov. Officials say there has been an even bigger increase in traffic in recent weeks.

Sign-ups vary widely by state. More than 107,000 Californians have picked plans, while only 44 Oregonians have. Florida leads the way in the federal exchange, with nearly 18,000 people picking plans, while North Dakota has only 265 sign-ups.

Who signs up and where is just as important as how many, with younger healthier people playing a vital role in offsetting the higher costs of the older and sicker. Only a handful of state exchanges have released demographic data of those picking plans. California, for instance, said that younger residents age 18 to 34 accounted for about 22.5% of the sign ups in October, just about the share they represent in the state population.

To read today’s report visit http://aspe.hhs.gov/health/reports/2013/MarketPlaceEnrollment/Dec2013/ib_2013dec_enrollment.pdf

For more coverage on the status of Obamacare visit https://www.usarx.com/blog/obamacare-by-the-numbers-are-americans-really-signing-up

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