Most US Patients Pay List Prices Instead Of Finding Discounts

Published May 4th, 2017 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

In the last ten years, prescription costs have nearly doubled. With high deductibles and copays also doubling in the last few years, this has lead to more out of pocket costs for consumers in the United States. In most cases, these patients pay the list price for the recommended pharmaceutical rather than taking time to find more affordable options. However, patients can save thousands if looking for discounts.

Finding Cheaper Options

With these out of pocket costs so high, many people are struggling to afford their prescriptions. What’s interesting about the pharmaceutical market, is unlike with typical consumer goods, most patients do not take the time to shop around and find discounts. They just go straight to their local pharmacy, fill the recommended prescription, and find a way to pay the cost. In more extreme cases, people who cannot afford their prescriptions will just opt out of taking them, leading to higher long term costs.

Looking Beyond Insurance

Many people assume that the only way to ensure that prescriptions are affordable is with good insurance. However, even some of the best health insurance plans have limitations and high copays and deductibles when it comes to pharmaceuticals. Instead one way to pay for pharmaceuticals at a discount rate is with a pharmacy discount card. Pharmacy discount cards are an alternative to insurance drug coverage and can help consumers pay less than list price on a variety of prescriptions.

How Pharmacy Discount Cards Can Help You Avoid Paying List Price

Pharmacy discount cards offer discounts of an average of 20-30%, and in some cases up to 80% on prescription drugs. Pharmacy discount cards work with drug companies, manufacturers, and pharmacies to help get their cardholders bulk pricing, discounts on overstocks, and other savings. They provide consumers alternatives to help them find the best pricing.

Rather than paying full list price, consumers need to consider alternatives to combat the rising costs of pharmaceuticals. The USA Rx pharmacy discount card can help. With no fees, discounts on FDA approved drugs, and partnerships in all 50 states at over 60,000 different pharmacies, the USA Rx pharmacy discount card offers a great alternative to high copays and deductibles and can reduce the overall costs of prescriptions.

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