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Millennials Can Benefit From A Pharmacy Discount Card In 2015

Millennials Can Benefit From A Pharmacy Discount Card In 2015When you think about health insurance, millennials -- those aged about 18 to about 30 -- are likely the people you think about last. Millennials were formerly called “the Young Invincibles” by the press thanks to their low usage of healthcare and willingness to risk going uninsured.

Early on in healthcare reform, it was already known that the desire and ability of this age group to take on the financial burdens associated with insurance would largely determine how well the system worked for other age groups, including those who are heavy users of insurance.

As we enter 2015, it’s becoming clear that millennials, by and large, do wish to take on insurance. However, a sizeable amount of them are not happy with their current options.


Why Are Millennials Are Turning Against The System They Supported?

A recent survey by Bankrate suggested that about half of those surveyed in the age 18 to age 29 bracket would prefer a lower deductible and higher premium -- that is, exchanging more costs taken out of their paychecks for fewer up-front costs when visiting the doctor.

In addition, millennials are avoiding the relative risk of taking on the lowest cost insurance plans. More than 66% of people aged 18 to 34 decided to take on the higher-priced silver plan, offering them more coverage.

All in all, millennials are displeased with their coverage options and want to start building up their “defenses” for future health challenges. However, this is also the generation hardest hit by the recession, and likely to be under-employed.

People of college age and those who are just graduating in the millennial set need to look at alternative options in order to save as much money as possible.


Help The Millennials In Your Family With The USA Rx Pharmacy Discount Card

When it comes to the careers and future of the millennial generation, it’s clear that health insurance costs and benefits will continue to be an issue -- especially as the leading edge approaches their forties.

Since American citizens now have to begin engaging seriously with questions around healthcare by age 18, it is important for parents to provide them with some of the wisdom they will need to move forward -- and that can include a USA Rx pharmacy discount card.

If the youngster in your family uses prescription medication, call or email USA Rx today to find out more about how the card can reduce their expenses and help them afford the care they need.

Published December 25th, 2014 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by Chris Riley

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