Medication Schedules Have A New HERO

Published April 12th, 2016 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by
Chris Riley

Thanks to the way the pharmaceutical industry has been developing new medications for practically every kind of disease, more people who are 65 and older are taking a wider variety of pills, often a dozen different varieties or more, and because of this medication compliance is starting to drop off. In many cases this is due to forgetfulness or full-blown dementia, but when you have to take a large number of pills every day and follow a complex schedule to avoid things like negative reactions it can become hard for anyone to manage without messing up.

That’s why there are a variety of new products coming out which can help senior citizens and anyone else with more pills than days of the week keep to their medication schedule. You can already find mobile apps, smart bottles, and reminder services, but now you can add to that list a device which has more in common with an automatic coffeemaker or a gumball machine than anything else.

The HERO pill dispenser can hold up to 10 varieties of pill and can dispense them in a fully programmable pattern to match whatever schedule you need to keep. It can also send you a reminder to pick up your pills wherever you happen to be thanks to its wireless connection. The dispenser is also password-locked so that no one will get your supply who shouldn’t.

The theory behind the HERO, at least according to the creators, is that they wanted to create a more fun experience out of what’s otherwise a dull daily routine. The creators are willing to admit that the HERO doesn’t help much with making sure a person takes the pills after they’re dispensed, but then they’re also quick to point out that those who don’t want to take their pills are usually very good at hiding them anyway.

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