Managing Health Care Costs And Promoting Wellness

Published May 26th, 2015 by USA Rx
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Managing Health Care Costs And Promoting WellnessAs the changes in the health care system progress, many employers and individuals are considering alternative methods that can also reduce costs, for both care and insurance. This trend towards preventive measures in wellness is becoming more widely embraced, especially on organizational levels, as the results are not only direct savings, but also greater productivity and employee health.

At present, the majority of chronic illnesses and undiagnosed conditions is responsible for as much as 35% of all employee lost time days. This means that along with the actual cost of care for these occurrences, both employers and individuals are also paying for the absenteeism. Unfortunately, this can quickly become a cycle of illness and lack of access to the appropriate intervention, and this further creates a fiscal imbalance for providing health care.

One of the solutions that many companies are exploring includes the use of wellness programs, health incentives, and preventive measures to address lifestyle issues and other facets that impact wellness. This expansion of care concerns for organizations also includes presenting alternatives for specialty populations, as addressing actual needs is a key to managing costs.


Invisible Illnesses

Health privacy standards obviously ensure that patient confidentiality is upheld, but some disclosure can also be the key to informing employers and organizations as to actual needs. One highly positive aspect about the incorporation of a wellness program into overall organizational health concerns is that it can also provide a foundation for the type of coverage that is most important to any individual.

This is deeply connected to prescription costs, in that many employers may actually be unaware that chronic conditions which are managed through medication are prevalent in their workplace. As a result, while health insurance through the employer is an option, it may still leave the individual lacking in terms of full affordability for management.

As wellness intervention programs uncover these aspects of need in the population, organizations may also realize that greater support for prescription costs is necessary, for the good of individuals and the overall company. However, medication inclusions can become cost prohibitive, and a viable compromise is necessary.

The USA Rx pharmacy discount card is one option that employers can use to address a wider range of wellness needs for their employees. The free card provides significant cost reductions for individuals, and also does not impact existing insurance costs for the company. The result is that employees are offered a wellness incentive that is also in keeping with their general health care protocols. This creates a more balances scenario for preventive care and health promotion programs as well.

Both employers and individuals can easily sign up for the USA Rx pharmacy discount card, in order to gain savings on regular or intermittent medication needs. This savings is not only a direct benefit to people and organizations, but also has the indirect effect of promoting greater wellness through responsible management of conditions.

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