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Published April 13th, 2020 by USA Rx
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  LookNoFurtherThanHereForDiscountPrescriptionsIt is no wonder that presidential candidates like Bernie Sanders are pushing for the Medicare for All policy with healthcare costs what they are today. Even if other democratic nominee hopefuls don't agree with that plan, the majority of them agree that something needs to be done about the situation. An article from policyadvice.net states that the U.S. Census Bureau revealed there were 12.2-percent of Americans without health insurance at the end of 2017. Only time will tell if even more are doing without now.

Why Do People Not Have Health Insurance?

  LookNoFurtherThanHereForDiscountPrescriptionsWell, for one, a lot of employers don't offer the benefit. That notion is especially true if the business is not obligated to do so by the law. In other instances, individuals and family leaders simply cannot afford the additional expense. Regardless of what the reason is for people not having coverage, they all usually have one thing in common, which is, it is not by choice. Hence, they dread having to go to the doctor or hospital as they know the trip will be expensive. Plus, the physician will likely write the patient a prescription or two that add up in a hurry. This post is going to focus on the latter aspect. The remaining sections will cover how a person or family can get discount prescriptions. So, if that piques your interest, please, stay right here and read on to learn more.

Anybody Can Receive Discount Prescriptions

A USA Rx discount prescription card can help people achieve their goals when it comes to saving money on medications. It can prove to be beneficial for persons with or without insurance as well as those who are underinsured. With our program, there is no signing up, filling out applications, or paying a fee. Rather, an individual only needs to click on the appropriate tab on our website.

He or she must have access to a printer as the card will have to be printed out. Then, they merely have to show the paper to one of the 60,000 leading pharmacies that participate in the program across the United States. The names of the places are recognizable and include but are not limited to…

• Kroger, Albertsons, HEB

• Walmart, Costco, K-Mart

• Shoprite, Safeway, Winn Dixie

• Rite Aid, United Pharmacy TX, Walgreens, And CVS

How Much Can A Patient Save With The Discount Prescriptions?

The amount that a person will have to pay varies on a case by case basis. It depends on the brand of medication that the individual needs, the dosage, and the quantity. Some examples are going to be provided in this section to give readers an idea of the savings that could come their way. Paxil is considered a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. It is often prescribed to patients to treat anxiety, stress, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. The drug seems to work really well for a lot of folks. However, the price tag isn't all that nice.

Drugs.com indicates that thirty 10 mg tablets cost, on average, around $202.45. If the medication is taken once daily, that is over two hundred bucks each and every month, which adds up in a hurry.

However, by using the USA Rx card, a client can obtain the same prescription in generic form for $12.35 at Costco, $12.32 at United Pharmacy TX, or $20.90 at Walgreens. That is a bunch of dough that one can keep in his or her bank account. Therefore, if you are currently on Paxil, think about getting a USA Rx discount card to save yourself plenty of money in the long run.

Prozac is a prescription medication regularly used to treat panic disorder, bulimia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and major depressive disorder. It has been helpful to loads of Americans since its creation back in 1987. The price shows that the makers are proud of the drug. Research from drugs.com reveals that thirty 20 mg capsules cost $520.20. As for the generic brand, fluoxetine, persons can obtain thirty 20 mg capsules for $217.10 from Walgreens, $220.30 at K-Mart, or $216.42 from Albertsons.

Finally, the last example being shown here is for Carvedilol. The medicine is used to treat heart failure and hypertension. When those issues are the topics of discussion, one must be sure to get and take the medication as death could become the outcome if they fail to do so. The only problem with the medication is the price. Drugs.com indicates that thirty 20 mg generic tablets with USA Rx discounts are $6.87 at Walmart, $9.32 at United Pharmacy TX, and $9.60 at Kroger.

There Is Also An App For That

In downloading the USA Rx application, people gain drug prices and coupons in the palm of their hand. They can compare costs at leading pharmacies and receive coupons for up to 75-percent in savings. The app is available at the Apple App and Google Play Stores. A person simply has to show his or her smartphone to the pharmacist at the time of the prescription purchase to reap the rewards.

The app is great for tracking prices and receiving alerts whenever changes take place. That aspect is a big draw for a lot of people because it prevents them from having to continually open the application to find their prescriptions at the best cost. Instead, the program takes care of all the hard work and sends the research right to the screen of their smartphone via a notification. Things don't get much easier than that. So, if for nothing else, download the app to make at least one area of your life less stressful.

On September 11th, individuals can start to enjoy Dr. Wellme as well. It is a naturally-conversational chatbot, which is powered by artificial intelligence and cutting edge machine learning. The technology is designed to identify, engage, and address users' reasons for non-adherence. Dr. Wellme can support and encourage a person to stay on a path to better health.

Published April 13th, 2020 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by
Chris Riley

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