Know What You Need: The Importance Of Picking The Right Health Plan

Published October 1st, 2015 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Know What You Need:  The Importance Of Picking The Right Health has been in operation for around two years now, along with all the state health care exchanges that went up at the same time. The launch was a spectacular failure, but eventually the people in charge fixed all the hardware and software issues, and today it’s a fully functioning website. However, today’s visitors still come face to face with a major problem, and it’s the problem of choice.


Predicting Your Expenses

Depending on where you live, you may find yourself with dozens of different health plans to choose from. The health care exchanges sort these plans into a simple metal system which ranges from bronze all the way up to platinum. This sorting system is based on how much of your health care costs the plan covers: at the bronze end you can expect a high deductible and a high out-of-pocket limit, but at the platinum end you pay very little beyond the premium itself.

However, the problem with assigning metals to health care plans is the fact that the visitor inherently assumes that the higher-ranked plans are more valuable when they may wind up costing them more overall. Accidents can happen to anyone, but for the most part our health care dollars are spent on chronic diseases, mental disorders, and other long-term conditions. That means that most people can reasonably predict how much time and money they’ll spend at clinics and hospitals, and this should be your first consideration when picking the plan that’s right for you and your family.


Finding The Right Plan

Rather than simply choosing the highest-valued plan you can afford, you should start your search for the right plan by accounting for your needs. Is there anything wrong with you right now? Are you at risk for any major diseases? Do you need to visit any physicians on a regular basis outside of the usual preventative care? Do you expect to make frequent trips to the hospital?

If you don’t actually need to spend much money on health care, then you probably don’t need a higher-ranked health care plan. Even if you max out your high deductible, you may still save money because of how much lower your premium will be. A better way to describe health care plans might be “low expected costs,” “moderate expected costs,” and “high expected costs,” because coverage quality isn’t as important as choosing the plan that saves you as much money as possible.

In addition, there are other cost-saving measures which are compatible with any health care plan, such as medical discount cards. The USA Rx pharmacy discount card is free and it’s easy to sign up: all we need is your name and an email address. Our card can get you up to 75 percent discounts on prescription drugs, and unlike health plans we don’t have limited coverage. If you’d like to find out more, try our toll-free number at 888-277-3911 or else email us at [email protected].

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