What are Karmic Relationships & 10 Signs You Might Be in One

Published September 21st, 2021 by Chris Riley
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Jacqueline Hensler

The concept of karmic relationships is an ancient one, dating back to the teachings of Hinduism. The idea behind karmic relationships is that certain people in your life are meant to cross paths with you again and again because you have all committed good or bad acts together in previous lives.

In brief terms, a karmic relationship is when you meet someone who will be significant to your life in some way or another because of something that happened in a past life. That could range from friends, family members, lovers, enemies–anyone to whom you have made an impact on before. It seems that the universe brings people we love or shared important experiences with back into our lives so we can learn from our mistakes and become better at being a friend, a lover, a parent, etc. 

There are many ways to describe a karmic relationship: soulmate, twin flame, mirror relationship, to name a few. It all depends upon what you want to call it. The one thing they all have in common is their significance in your life. It's like meeting your other half. You don't choose this relationship, but rather it is brought back into your life by the universe for a reason. Perhaps you need to learn something about yourself or about life in general. The reasons are many, but typically the purpose of having the karmic relationship return is to make you a better person because of it.

It is important to note that just because you have had past lives with someone does not mean that they will be brought back into your life again and vice versa. Everyone has their own journey through which they will encounter certain people at different points in time depending upon what lesson(s) needs to be learned by either party involved–so there really is no set timeline or pattern to follow. It all depends on the individual and the lesson(s) necessary to be learned. 

For example, you could have been a famous artist in a past life with someone who is now your spouse. Perhaps you made them hate art because of how much time and attention you gave to painting rather than being a devoted partner. In this lifetime, perhaps that same person will come back into your life as your child or sibling so that you don't repeat those mistakes from another time or place? It's hard to say exactly what kind of journey you will go through with each karmic relationship based upon these examples alone. But no matter what they are for or how many there are, they will make you a better person. If your experience is negative, it still leaves room for personal growth. 

What are some signs you are in a karmic relationship?

Karmic relationships are not a defined scientific term but there are some commonalities between the descriptions of karmic relationships. Below are some signs that you may be in a karmic relationship. 

1. You find yourselves attracted to each other, having an instant connection and chemistry, but when you two do have a romantic relationship, it doesn't last long.

2. You think you know the other person and they say the same about you and you’ve never even talked to one another. (For ex: "I've seen him before.")

3. They tell you something about yourself that you have never told to others.

4. You know their past and they know yours as if both of you shared the same experiences, just in different timelines or lives.

5. They're always around when something bad happens to you or your family, but not there when good things happen, or there with a shoulder when bad things happen.

6. They have a very strong bond with one of your family members and you find it really odd that they're so close to them even though you've never spoken about this person.

7. You both feel like you've known each other before and there is a deep connection that doesn't make sense in your mind.

8. You feel like they're stalking you or following you, with that sense of fear that something bad is going to happen if you don't see them again.

9. They come into your life when you most need help but disappear as soon as the problem is solved or forgotten about. (For ex: right after someone passes away.)

10. Your karmic relationship will continue until the lesson has been learned and both of you are willing to forgive and let go of blame. No one person is at fault, it is simply something that needs to be worked out between you. 

If some of these sound like you and your partner then you may be in a karmic relationship although all relationships are unique. Karmic relationships usually do not end up with the couple staying together due to the intensity of the relationship and the dramatic nature this can foster. 

What should I do if I'm in a karmic relationship?

If you are currently in a karmic relationship, it may be difficult for you to understand why this person continues to come into your life time after time when all of your interactions seem negative. However, if you think about it from a spiritual perspective, perhaps there was something positive that occurred long ago in another lifetime that brought both of you together. However, because bad karma can also create interactions between two souls across lifetimes, there may also be something not so great in your past that continues to bring this person into your life.

For example, if you stole money from this person during a previous lifetime and he or she is now receiving repayment through karmic debt in the current life, it will make sense for you to feel like you are being punished by this person when in fact it is merely karma at work. It's important to keep in mind that we're all very much influenced by the people and situations around us and that no matter how much we wish that things could be different with this relationship, we must acknowledge that there is an unexplainable deep connection. If you are truly meant to have a positive interaction with this person despite what bad karma may be influencing your relationship, do not despair. You will eventually have that positive interaction when you are in the right place in this life to meet again with the understanding that you both need to learn something in order for karma to balance out.

If at this point in your life, you're still struggling with an unfavorable karmic relationship and cannot understand why things are not working out positively despite your efforts to make this person happy, it's best to let go of him or her emotionally. If this person does return into your path once again after some time has passed, you must try all over again under new circumstances. If no matter what you do or how much effort you put into making this relationship work produces nothing but negativity, then it is clear you are not supposed to be together and the karmic bond will no longer be present once this person has moved on or if he or she has died.

Karmic relationships can be as varied as the amount of lifetimes that anyone has lived, so there are no hard and fast rules that dictate what karmic partners must do in order for good karma to balance out. But if you have a relationship where everything seems negative, look at your current life circumstances and ask yourself if perhaps this person is a part of your past or present because he or she unknowingly helps you learn something about yourself or other people so that you can grow spiritually.

If after examining your life situation, then it's clear that this person is not meant to remain in your life, then release him or her from your thoughts because being in your life only serves as a reminder that you have not resolved something from a previous lifetime. In fact, if this person continually returns into your life because he or she has the same problems over and over again, perhaps one of your karmic lessons is to help him or her through these issues so that good karma can balance out between the two of you.


Karmic partners often must work together in order to overcome obstacles and reach a certain goal. However, if it's possible, you must let go of this person and let him or her move on after the relationship has ended in order to resolve past issues. This is because karma can tie people together across multiple lifetimes and also creates experiences with one another in order to learn something new through the karmic bond. But sometimes letting go is best for both parties so that you can grow spiritually by learning from each other while not being bogged down by negative memories piled onto karmic debt from previous lifetimes. This information can be a helpful tool in keeping positive relationships in your life and gaining perspective on negative relationships, even if the best thing for you involves letting that person go. We hope this information helps you determine if you are in a karmic relationship and the best way to proceed for you and your karmic relationship partner.

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