Is The Future In Teledoctors?

Published December 31st, 2015 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by
Chris Riley

There’s a new health care startup based in New York and New Jersey that’s been making some waves:  the company’s name is simply “Oscar,” and it’s been applying some new technology and new techniques to an otherwise stagnant part of the industry.


One of Oscar’s biggest innovations is the use of a teledoctor mobile app that connects policyholders to certified doctors who can listen to the caller’s complaints and send them a prescription remotely.  This frees them from the need to schedule a doctor’s visit around their working hours and then wait for an overworked physician to see them for nothing more than a couple minutes just to get a standard prescription.


Another interesting perk of membership comes from the way Oscar takes an interest in its members’ health.  Policyholders over 18 years old can join an optional program that involves using a fitness sensor to broadcast a daily exercise goal to Oscar HQ.  Those who keep it up can get up to $20 each month in Amazon gift cards, providing a financial incentive to stay healthy.


Unfortunately, $20 doesn’t amount to much of a rebate on Oscar’s premiums.  Like most small startups, Oscar suffers from being relatively expensive and relatively limited in scope.  Thus, despite the unique perks, the focus on technology, and the attention paid to individual policyholders, the high cost and low number of in-network facilities may limit Oscar’s appeal and ultimately kill it before it has the chance to gain the kind of size necessary for better coverage and premiums.  Then again, Oscar’s good ideas may wind up pushing the bigger companies into becoming more tech friendly themselves.


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