Is Phentermine For You? Are There Coupons Available For It?

Published September 26th, 2019 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by
Chris Riley
Medically Reviewed:
Dr. Gerardo Sison
Updated Date: Jul 1st, 2022

For many Americans, they are in the fortunate position of having medicine be something that doesn’t play into their lives.

They might take some if they contract an illness and a doctor gives them a prescription to help fight it.

They may take painkillers after a surgical procedure, to better manage the discomfort, but they are fortunate to be in a position where they will quickly recover, and go back to not needing any medicine.

For other Americans, however, this isn’t the way it plays out. Medication can be a long, ongoing presence in a person’s life if they have a condition that takes time to address.

But in some cases, the condition may be a permanent part of their lives, such as being diagnosed with a heart condition and needing medication to manage it.

This means that some people need to be a bit more careful with both how they take their medications and how they finance it.

Fortunately, not all medications are only required for life-threatening illnesses.

Some are better for maintaining overall health or even helping to make lire more manageable.

One of these is known as Phentermine, and if you need it, you might also want to start thinking about ways you can save money on your prescription when it’s time. 

What Is Phentermine Hcl?

Phentermine is not a common household name, but some people may be more familiar with the brand name it is sold under Adipex or “Adipex-P” where the “P” stands for Phentermine Hcl. Phentermine falls into a class of medications known as stimulants, similar to amphetamines, because these drugs, when consumed, tend to increase the activity of the body.

In this case, what Phentermine does is stimulate two important aspects of the body’s functions, while suppressing a third.

Both heart rate and blood pressure are raised to higher levels upon consumption of Phentermine, but this is combined with a decrease in the appetite impulse.

The result is that people who take Phentermine may feel a bit more active or energetic due to the elevated heart rate and blood pressure, but, at the same time, may experience less of a craving to snack regularly, or eat larger amounts of food at mealtime.

A Weight Loss Aid

Because of these properties, Phentermine is most commonly used as an aid for helping people to control and reduce obesity, especially if a medical exam determines that the level of obesity is posing a serious health risk and needs to be addressed in an effective, controlled manner.

That doesn’t mean, however, that just anyone who feels like dieting with better results can go to a store and buy a bottle of Phentermine in the same way that other off-the-shelf medications for colds, flu or even sleep management are available to anyone.

The very specific and significant effects that Phentermine has on appetite, heart rate and blood pressure restrict the general public from being able to purchase this medication whenever they feel like it.

Instead, it is always prescribed by a doctor.

This is especially important in a weight loss situation because different people will react differently to the active ingredients and may benefit from different effects.
Amphetamines, for example, are a nerve stimulant, and while this medication can have the same effect on appetite, thus leading to weight loss, it is more often prescribed for neural conditions, such as ADHD and narcolepsy, meaning that people with certain symptoms or conditions may be better suited to amphetamines are a weight loss aid.

For people with diabetes that express certain other symptoms, Phentermine may be more suitable.

People with diabetes suffering from low blood pressure and low heart rate, for example, can have those symptoms lead to lower energy levels, and pose greater challenges for getting the exercise required to lose weight.

A prescription of Phentermine can be the “boost” these patients need to get their energy levels up while decreasing their appetite so that they burn the calories they need to, while still getting the exercise required and not overeating or snacking afterward to negate that effort.

The Generic Option

If you think you might benefit from using Phentermine and can get a prescription from your doctor, then one concern you may have is ensuring you have the finances to get your supply of medication, so you can take it as and when required to get the benefits. There are two ways that you can save money your prescription.

The first is to ensure that you buy generic Phentermine, rather than a recognized brand name.

Adipex is one of the early and most well-known brand names for Phentermine Hcl, and as a result, is the more expensive option.

When you buy generic Phentermine, instead of Adipex, you are getting the same formulation, with the same medical benefits.

What you are not getting is a medication with the name “Adipex” on it or the packaging that you may be more familiar with. It is the branding of the name and packaging that justify the extra cost Adipex.

So if you want to save more money, buy generic brands instead. These are always cheaper, sometimes by a very significant margin, and don’t compromise on quality.

Try Phentermine Coupons

Another way to save even more money is to use Phentermine coupons. These are essentially “discount tickets” that you present to a pharmacist before you make your purchase.

If the pharmacist is part of the affiliate program representing your Phentermine coupons, then the coupons will be recognized, and a discount will be applied to your purchase so that you pay even less.

There are a few ways to get Phentermine coupons.

You can try asking your physician, as pharmaceutical companies often provide coupons as a promotional tool to help patients get started on new prescriptions. Another option is to look online for discount cards that apply to a range of different medications, including Phentermine.

If you’re interested in going this route, try looking for cards with no fee, no subscription, that is recognized in many pharmacies and cover a broad range of different medications. These will serve you better.

Published September 26th, 2019 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by
Chris Riley
Medically Reviewed:
Dr. Gerardo Sison
Updated Date: Jul 1st, 2022

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