Is Health Care Sharing An Alternative To Health Insurance?

Published June 29th, 2017 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by
Chris Riley

With all the health care issues going on in America today, people are looking in every direction for a functioning alternative to traditional health insurance and all the issues that follow from it. Say what you will about the alternatives, but it’s clear to many millions of Americans that our current system needs an overhaul.

That’s why many thousands of Americans are turning to health care sharing programs. These programs are very often faith-based and center around churches, ministries, and other religious groups, but they are separate non-profit organizations. As such, most of them have a faith-based requirement, but not all of them demand that you follow the same creed.

In principle, health care sharing programs work on the same principle as traditional health insurance. Everyone pays a set amount into a pool, and that pool then pays out based on the needs of the members. The program also represents its members and has the power to negotiate with health care providers and pharmaceutical companies to get the best prices possible.

However, while these programs act like insurance, they technically aren’t. That means they don’t have to stick with the regulations established by the Affordable Care Act, and so they can set their premiums lower. On the other hand, it also means they don’t have to cover basic needs like routine check-ups, which you will thus have to pay out of your own pocket. Without regulations, you also have no one you can complain to if your health sharing program fails to deliver in some way.

Still, for many Americans these sharing programs work, including those with serious health conditions. So if the lower premiums sound appealing, you might want to look into it, but keep in mind you’ll be getting your health care without a safety net.

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