Is Anxiety Worth Medicating?

Published December 20th, 2016 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Is Anxiety Worth Medicating?People have always held mental problems apart from other illnesses. Something makes us consider things like depression and anxiety different from other chronic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes even though they’re all ultimately caused by chemical imbalances. And while there are drug-free ways to treat mental diseases, they aren’t alone. Diet and exercise go a long way to helping fight heart disease and a whole host of other issues, including several mental imbalances.

Something that can help is to understand that anti-anxiety medication isn’t a permanent fix, and it’s not supposed to be one. Instead, psychiatrists use it as a way to help patients live a normal life while they learn coping and calming techniques as a part of a thorough cognitive-behavioral therapy.

For some people, anxiety isn’t just a familiar feeling, it stops them from going to school, going to public places, or even leaving the house in the first place. In these cases, therapy can still help, but the weeks or months it takes to sink in is too long a timeframe. Medication may be a temporary fix, but that’s exactly the kind of fix people stuck in this situation need. It also helps patients focus on their therapy techniques by bringing their emotions down to a more manageable level.

So while mental diseases have some significant differences from the diseases that affect the rest of your body, they also have a lot of similarities in how you can treat them and how you should think of them. Thus, to answer the title’s question, anxiety is definitely worth medicating, but only as part of a comprehensive therapy regimen.

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