Is A Walmart Pharmacy Discount Card Right For Your Medication Needs?

Published October 21st, 2019 by USA Rx
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IsAWalmartPharmacyDiscountCardRightForYourMedicationNeeds?For some Americans, medicine is something that occupies only a peripheral, temporary portion of their lives. They might need to take it from time to time if they fall sick, and a doctor prescribes a cure, or if they’ve had a medical procedure, and need supplementary medicine during recovery. Once they are better, however, there’s no need for medicine or the high cost that can sometimes be associated with medication. A short, temporary expense is easier to tolerate.

For other Americans, unfortunately, they have a different medical situation. If a doctor diagnoses someone—or a member of their family—with a permanent disorder, such as diabetes, asthma, or a heart condition, there’s no cure for this. This is a permanent part of life now, and it means that it must be managed with regular dosages of doctor-prescribed medication. In other words, the need for significantly priced medication now just became a lifelong, fixed expense. So without comprehensive medical insurance coverage, it can be a huge drain on finances.

Fortunately, the situation isn’t so desperate that Americans without medical insurance coverage have to struggle to meet the needs of a recurring prescription at full price for those drugs. There are ways to pay less, and for some, a Walmart pharmacy discount card might be a possible solution.

The Name People Know

In modern America, it’s very difficult to find anyone, whether living in a city, or in a rural area, who have never shopped at a Walmart outlet. The retail store has spread across the entire country, even eclipsing former giants in the retail sector, such as K-Mart or Sears. When people think about the term, “mega-corporation,” associating Walmart with that term isn’t such an exaggeration.

And yet, like many companies, Walmart had its start with very humble beginnings, in the state of Arkansas. It was back in 1950, in Bentonville, when Sam Walton opened the first Walton’s 5 & 10, a nostalgic, 1950s version of the discount stores we have today. It was named 5 & 10 because back in those days, before the inflation that adjusted the dollar value to what it is today, it was possible to buy many discount items at just 5¢ or 10¢.

From those humble beginnings, however, Walton’s store expanded into many different outlets, and today, it is a global enterprise with stores around the planet. The reason that they’ve managed to succeed on such a large scale is simple, yet difficult for many traditionally business-focused executives to accept; their focus is not on managing the profit & loss statements of their operations to be more efficient with the money that comes in, they concentrate on maintaining low prices on many items to attract more customers. As a result of that, it should be no surprise that eventually they turned their eye toward medication, and offered a  Walmart pharmacy discount card as a way to attract customers.

Following The Walmart Code

Because Walmart is focused on finding ways to keep prices lower so that customers can save, it’s was just a matter of time that Walmart would eventually branch out and add medication to its offerings, or that it would eventually offer a Walmart pharmacy discount card, to customers as a way to save. It’s a simple enough concept.

The Walmart pharmacy discount card is free, so unlike some other similar cards, such as those offered by pharmacist Walgreens, there’s no annual membership fee that needs to be renewed every year to get the card. The Easy Drug Card, as it is called, can apply a broad range of different discounts and it’s easy to get as well. People interested only have to go online and either print out or download the discount card so they can present the print-out or graphic image on their phone to receive a discount.

Some Factors To Think About

While Walmart is the largest retailer in America today, that doesn’t mean that getting the Walmart pharmacy discount card is necessarily a good idea for every person. There are a few possible considerations that might give some legitimate pause. One is the location. While it’s true that Walmart is the largest retailer in America today, and is present in all 50 states, that doesn’t always mean that people live in close access to one. People living in cities are usually never more than a few miles away from a Walmart outlet. People in rural areas, however, may not have a Walmart in, or next to their town. There are about 11000 Walmart outlets in America, so with a country this size, that’s still a lot of room for areas that must do without.

The other issue is that Walmart, unlike dedicated businesses such as Walgreens, is not primarily a pharmacy. So while it offers a variety of different medications, the pricing, and availability of those medications may not be the same as what is available at a dedicated pharmaceutical outlet.

Other Alternatives

For those that may not find the Walmart pharmacy discount card all that viable, other choices do exist. The USA Rx website is an option for people that need medication—especially people without insurance—that manages to address some of the concerns people may have. For one thing, the reach of this discount card is massive. Like Walmart, the Rx discount card is valid in all 50 states of the USA. However, unlike Walmart, which is limited to the 11000+ branches of Walmart outlets, this card is recognized at over 60000

Like the Walmart card, the Rx card is free, with no membership required, no fees, and can be easily downloaded from the website and printed out, or stored on the phone to present to a pharmacist when needed to make a purchase. It applies to a huge range of different medications, so depending on what you need, you can get a discount of anywhere from 10-75% off.

So while a Walmart pharmacy discount card may be good for certain shoppers, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck if it’s not a good idea for you. Alternatives do exist, and you can pursue those options if they better suit your medication needs.

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