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Is A Pharmacy Discount Card Another Kind Of Insurance?

Is A Pharmacy Discount Card Another Kind Of Insurance? Medical costs in this country are still climbing, and while Obamacare is now in effect, plenty of people still aren't entirely sure as to just what their insurance options are – or how they're covered. Prescription drug costs are one area that stand out as a major expense, and a recent study found that prescription costs make up about 13% of all health care expenses in the nation.

People need to get all the help they can find when it comes to saving money on prescription medications, and one of the most overlooked ways to do so is to use a discount pharmacy card like the USA RX Pharmacy Discount Card. This card works simply:


  • Fill out the free form and get your card immediately
  • Present the card at the pharmacy to get your savings


That's all there is to it, and we've negotiated for the best prices on almost all major prescription drugs. But some people are still confused about what a pharmacy card is and what it does for them – specifically, they confuse these discount cards with insurance.

A discount card isn't insurance at all. It stands out in several ways:


  • It's completely free, with no premiums or deductibles
  • It can only be used for prescription medications
  • There's no medical exam or health screening required
  • It is accepted at over 90% of pharmacies in this country


Instead of having to apply for insurance, shop for different policies, and find the one that works best for your needs, you can simply fill out a free form and get your card with no cost to you. It works perfectly for a wide range of people including:


  • Those with no insurance at all
  • Those whose insurance doesn't cover medications
  • Those whose insurance isn't diverse enough to pay for all of their drug costs
  • Companies looking for another employee benefit to provide to their workers


And since the pharmacy card works with your existing insurance policy, it's well worth checking out. It's not insurance, and it won't cost you a dime to get your card and start taking advantage of the potential savings it may offer you.

To get your card and see how much you can save on your prescription drug costs, fill out our free form today or contact one of our representatives and get instant access to your card – and all the benefits it offers.

Published October 2nd, 2014 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by Chris Riley

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