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Published May 14th, 2015 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

In The Business Of DrugsThroughout the history of medicine, chemical substances have been utilized to promote health and prevent illness. Up until the past century, this link has been well recognized, especially as the expertise of physicians also included the ability to appropriately apply this knowledge in interventions and treatments. However, in the mid 1900s, medical sciences became more specialized, with a distinct separation between the business of drugs and the practices of health arising.

This was partially due to privatization of drug research and development, but it also became tied to the practice of reliance on pharmaceuticals to treat nearly any condition. Fortunately, the result has also been immense breakthroughs in health protocols for both the management and prevention of a wider range of population issues. However, this also meant that cost control became more of a challenge, especially with demands for medication and proprietary patents on certain formulations.


It Only Works If You Use It

At USA Rx, we understand that drugs and even health care are a business, and that managing costs and increasing access is a balance between these factors. As much as 20% of the population reports that they have failed with follow through treatments based on the affordability of medications. This means that one out of every five Americans is either skipping dosages or not complying with treatment at all, and the results are greater health problems and a continued rise in care costs.

To this end, USA Rx works as a mediator with pharmacy suppliers and wholesalers, in order to negotiate fixed pricing on medications. This means that any individual who has our USA Rx pharmacy discount card can qualify for this pricing, just by presenting their discount card at their local pharmacy. Since the card is not a form of insurance, there are no fees for qualification, and individuals still have access to the same quality treatments they need.

By simply applying for the USA Rx pharmacy discount card online, people can begin to make positive steps in the direction of health. This is possible through the affordability of proper medications that can improve both quality of life and wellness outcomes.

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