Improving Financial Agreements Between Healthcare Providers and Payers

Published May 17th, 2016 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Since the healthcare industry operates like most other businesses, it's hard to make changes to the system without some kind of financial gain involved. It's unfortunate that the country allows for the industry to act this way, but at this time, it's the way it has to be for now. Throughout the industry, payers and providers are coming up with financial agreements that will motivate providers to improve their processes, which in turn, will benefit the payers and patients.


The pay for performance (P4P) system is the most basic out of these arrangements. It is relatively straightforward in its execution. This incentive-based system rewards providers that improve certain established metrics, such as the amount of preventative screening treatment a percentage of patients will receive in a year. This arrangement is basic, but has shown abilities to improve the system.

Bundled Payments

Another financial agreement that can help shape the healthcare industry's future is a bundled payment agreement. In this arrangement, a payer gives a single payment for all provider services that would encompass a period of care. An example of this period of care would be treating somebody with diabetes, or heart failure. In the past, each service involved in treating these diseases would be billed separately by the provider that performed it. By bundling these payments into one, the arrangement holds providers accountable as a group and forces them to work together to prevent duplication and waste valuable materials. These bundled payment agreements have become more and more popular, with employers such as Walmart and Lowe's announcing that they've negotiated with four centers to provide and perform knee and hip implant procedures.

We're On The Right Track

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