If You Take Prescription Drugs, You’re In Good Company

Published November 26th, 2015 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by
Chris Riley

A recent study has estimated that around 59 percent (or nearly 3 out of 5) Americans take one or more prescription medications. That’s up from 51 percent in 1999. But does this mean that we as a nation are overmedicated, or is this simply a consequence of developing new drugs to treat previously untreatable conditions?


• The number of adults over the age of 65 has been steadily increasing over the past decade and a half. Partly this is due to the aging Baby Boomer generation, but it’s also because people are living longer, and people are living longer because of the lifesaving drugs which show up on these studies.

• New drugs are constantly hitting the market which can deal with diseases either for the first time ever or else more efficiently than anything that came before it. There are drugs now that treat hepatitis C, slow down multiple sclerosis, fight cancer, and make AIDS a livable condition.


• Doctors are constantly being courted by pharmaceutical sales representatives so that they’ll prescribe the company’s products. This can sometimes lead physicians to hand out prescriptions in edge cases where the drugs really wouldn’t do much good and otherwise recommend drugs with something other than the patient’s wellbeing in mind.

• Although we as a society have left some bad habits behind, such as using dirty needles and scalpels in hospitals and clinics, we’ve also picked up new ones like overeating and using so much antibacterial soap that resistant strains keep on popping up. These habits contribute to waves of new epidemics and so we come up with new waves of medications to combat them.

Another recent study estimated that there are more prescriptions in America than there are people, which means that many of those 59 percent are on two, three, or even more prescriptions. That can add up to some serious yearly payments thanks to the way prices are ballooning out of control, and that’s even considering an insurance plan’s negotiated coverage.

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