How To Save On Prescriptions: Six Helpful Tips

Published April 8th, 2020 by USA Rx
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HowToSaveOnPrescriptionsSixHelpfulTipsCosts of prescriptions are rising sharply every year. Last year alone, Americans spent $360 billion on medication. We pay three times more for our medicine than any other developed countries. And shows no signs of easing up. A study by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid predicts that medications will increase in costs by 6% through 2025. If you do not have health insurance or even if you are a tight budget an increase to your life-saving medications can be devastating to you and your family. Sadly, many Americans have no insurance and worse, are forced to choose not to spend money on their medications so they can afford rent and food. It should not be like that and we want to help. We have listed for you a few money-saving ideas on how to save on prescriptions.

1. Have A Serious Talk to Your Physician About the High Cost of Your Prescription:

HowToSaveOnPrescriptionsSixHelpfulTipsThere is no point to having your doctor fill a prescription out for you if you cannot afford to have it filled and go without it. If you are in this position, swallow your pride and talk to your doctor. They may be able to find you a different and more affordable substitute. Some may even be able to give you some free samples which can tide you over for a short time. Also talk to your physician to see if you are able to take one of a different form of medication instead of the combination of the two you are currently taking. Always disclose to your doctor every medication you take. This way, they can determine if you are still taking medication that you may not need anymore.

2. Talk to Your Pharmacist:

When it comes to your medication, your pharmacist can end up being your best friend. They will know how to save on prescriptions. Pharmacists know so much more than about the prescriptions that your physician prescribed because that’s what they do. They will also be able to tell you about cheaper alternatives to your prescription as well as manufacturers coupons that can reduce the price of your medication.

3. Buy Generic Drugs and Pay Less:

Many of today’s prescribed medications have a less expensive generic alternative. Often generic medication can sell as much as 80% less than the brand name ones. Many people think that if they get a generic brand, it will not work as well as the brand name. However, generic prescriptions must meet the same stringent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements as the brand name ones. Generic medications use the same active ingredients as brand name medicines, work the same way, and also have the same benefits and risks that a brand name medicine does. The following criteria is what the FDA requires for generic medications:

  • The active ingredient in the generic medication is the same as the brand name drug or the innovator drug.
  • The generic medication has to have the same strength, use indications. Form (that is, an injectable, liquid or tablet) and the route of administration such as orally or topically must be the same.
  • The inactive ingredients of the generic medicine are acceptable
  • The generic medication is manufactured under the same strict standard as the brand name medicines label
  • The container in which the medicine will be shipped in and sold is appropriate and the label is the same as the brand name medicine’s label.
  • By choosing generic, you still maintain quality, but at a cheaper price.

4. Buy a 90 Day Supply Of medication Instead Of A 30 Day Supply:

Another to save on prescriptions is to buy a 90 day supply instead of 30. If there are certain medications you take regularly,and you are like most people, you get it filled once a month. But, If you have an ongoing medical issue that requires long term medication, get a 90 day prescription as it is usually less in price. It also means less time spent at the doctors, saving more money.

5. Do Not Skip Or Decrease Important Medications:

The most important thing you can do not just for your health but for your family is to take your necessary medications exactly as prescribed. While it is tempting when money is tight to skip doses or not fill your prescription at all, it will, in all probability lead to far more serious or expensive health care issues like missing work, hospitalization and more prescriptions. Worst of all, it could lead to your death. It is just not worth it.

6. Get A Discount Prescription Card:

A discount prescription card can be your best ally for affordable prescriptions. Discount prescription cards are free and have no additional fees. The company negotiates with store pharmacies and independent pharmacies to provide their customers with a discount. The way it works is that you sign up for the card or download the app. When you get your prescription, you look it up and you will find a list of all the pharmacies in your vicinity and the price. This allows you to choose the pharmacy with the lowest price for your prescription. Many companies provide coupons updates and even when there is a drop in price.

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Published April 8th, 2020 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by
Chris Riley

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