How To Save On Prescriptions

Published January 29th, 2020 by USA Rx
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HowToSaveOnPrescriptionsIf you have a chronic condition and must manage your symptoms, then over the years, the cost of prescription medication can add up. Unfortunately, chronic conditions mean that a medical issue isn’t going to go away, so you don’t have the luxury of cutting down on medicine the way you might with eating at expensive restaurants or shopping.

Fortunately, there are a few ways that smart shoppers can save some money. Here are three tips for how to save on prescriptions.

Buy Generic

HowToSaveOnPrescriptionsIn many cases, the most expensive medication will be the one with a widely recognized brand name. When a pharmaceutical company creates a new medication, they are the only one on the market for a fixed period and can charge premium pricing. Eventually, however, the patent expires, and any company can then use that formulation and make their own medication. When you buy a generic version of the medicine that isn’t made by the original pharmaceutical company, you’re getting the same quality and the same formulation at a lower price. You’re not paying that extra “prestige cost” that comes from getting the widely recognized original brand name.

Comparison Shop

Pharmacists can price medication at whatever they think the market can bear. So pharmacists in affluent areas can—and will—charge prices 100% or more even more if they know their customers are wealthy enough and lazy enough to pay the exorbitant costs rather than drive out further. But this also means that pharmacists in areas that aren’t affluent will have lower prices to make their sales. If you use modern tools, like a price comparison app, you can find out what different pharmacists in your area charge for medication. Then it’s just a matter of finding the lowest price within a distance you’re willing to travel and going there.

Use Discount Coupons

If you want to know the best way for how to save on prescriptions, it’s using a discount coupon. When you choose the right one, such as the online coupon available at the USA Rx website, get a discount card recognized in all 50 states, at over 60,000 outlets, including big chains like Target, and smaller, independently owned and operated pharmacies.

With that kind of coupon, you can get discounts anywhere from 10%-75% off, depending on the medication. You don’t even need an official card; you can print out the image, or keep the digital image handy on your phone for presentation. The best part is that the discount coupon is free. Combined with comparison shopping, it can make for significant savings.

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