How To Get The Prescriptions You Need

Published March 4th, 2014 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

The cost of medications can fluctuate wildly, from patented to generic drugs and even from pharmacy to pharmacy.  Generally, generic prescriptions will be priced more reasonably than a brand prescription, but if the same manufacturer is making both, then the difference may just be minimal.  When it comes to shopping around at different pharmacies, cost reductions will often be affected by which suppliers provide medications to the drug store.  This is very similar to even shopping for groceries, where different brands will vary in price, as will store name products.


Some pharmacies are able to offer better discounts or may even have a loyalty program that allows for reduced cost when filling a prescription.  This can be especially beneficial to people who do not have coverage on medication costs, and many drug stores will defer to whatever discounting method can best serve the customer.  While some drugstores can also combine any insurance coverage with a loyalty program, the majority cannot, and you will need to choose one means or the other to be able to afford your medication.  


Even with insurance coverage, you will still need to meet your yearly deductible before your co-pay is reduced.  If your medications needs are a regular high cost, this deductible will be met sooner, but this also means that all the initial money is out of pocket, which may be difficult to manage.  The truth of the matter, however, is that prescriptions are a necessary part of your life, especially if there is a chronic condition that you dealing with.  Even for people who need the occasional order filled, this expense is an unexpected drain on funds that also help to maintain your household.


Reducing The Risk Of Going Without


Many people who do not have a condition to control will still need prescription medications.  If this is the case, you may have opted for insurance that has a lower premium and no prescription plan.  However, should you need a round of antibiotics, this can end up costing you, even if you have found a pharmacy that offers better prices.  At we can help, whether you have regular medication needs, or the occasional prescription to fill.  A free prescription discount card allows you to maintain your budget, regardless of the health needs that may intermittently crop up.  Both private and big chain pharmacies honor this card, so no matter where you are or what your condition is, you can always get the medications that you need.

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