How To Fight The High Cost Of Prescription Medications

Published November 18th, 2014 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

How To Fight The High Cost Of Prescription MedicationsMany of the prescription medications on the market today have been proven to be highly effective. Unfortunately, these medications have gotten so expensive that many individuals, especially seniors, cannot afford the ones they so desperately need. The fact that prescription prices keep rising at a rate faster than other healthcare expenses further complicates the issue. Although individuals can pay for Medicare Part D (prescription drug coverage) supplements, it does not cover the cost of all medications.


Economic Hardships

Unfortunately, the instability of today’s economy has taken its toll on millions of Americans. Many individuals have lost their jobs while others have taken significant salary cuts in order to keep theirs. These individuals cannot afford health insurance while those who are already sick or have pre-existing conditions can no longer pay for their prescription medications. They are forced to make a choice between putting food on the table and feeding their families or purchasing their medications and take care of themselves.


You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Your Health

For those individuals who have no healthcare insurance or who have a healthcare plan but do not have prescription drug coverage, they have an option that will help them pay for their much-needed medications. It’s called the USA Rx pharmacy discount card and it’s available at NO CHARGE to anyone who wants to save additional money on their prescription costs. Not only is this savings card totally FREE, you can receive up to 75% in discounts and use the card in over 60,000 pharmacies throughout the US.

The card can be used by businesses, healthcare providers, individuals of all age groups, and a number of other organizations. Simply visit the USA Rx website, download the card, print it out and start enjoying the savings on your prescription medications today. If you would like more information and to talk with a representative, call our toll-free number 888-277-3911 or e-mail us at [email protected]

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