How Seniors Can Save With A Pharmacy Discount Card

Published May 18th, 2017 by USA Rx
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On average, seniors in the United States spend $12,000 a year on pharmaceuticals, doubling in the last ten years. Sadly, most of these costs are out of pocket for seniors which can quickly erode retirement savings. With prescriptions prices continuing to rise, Seniors need to find ways to balance against the costs of prescriptions so they can get the treatment they need at a cost they can afford. One great option for seniors to help mitigate against the high costs of prescriptions is with a pharmacy discount card. Pharmacy discount cards can save seniors thousands of dollars every year on out of pocket costs and can help ensure they get the pills they need.

Problems Seniors Face Affording Prescription Drugs

One of the biggest issues that seniors face when obtaining prescription drugs, is many prescriptions are not covered by Medicare Part D. Pharmacy discount cards can help seniors save on these prescriptions. Also, many seniors fall into the “Medicare donut hole,” meaning they face a coverage gap after spending the $3,700 on covered drugs. With prescriptions costs averaging $12,000 for seniors, that donut hole is huge. Pharmacy discount cards can help bring savings to the areas where there is a coverage gap.

How Pharmacy Discount Cards Work For Seniors

Pharmacy discount cards work as a buying option for seniors. When seniors purchase pills they can present the discount card to the pharmacy. The pharmacy will then give seniors two options. The first option is the costs of the pharmaceuticals with their insurance and the second is the cost with the pharmacy discount card. Seniors can then decide which of the two options is the most affordable and can ensure they are getting the best prices on their prescriptions. On average seniors can save 15-20% on prescription pills which can help reduce the costs of their coverage gaps.

How Seniors Can Choose A Pharmacy Discount Card

There are a variety of pharmacy discount cards on the market that can help seniors save money. Deciding which card to get can be difficult. Here are some things to consider when choosing a pharmacy discount card:

  • Look for a card that does not come with any enrollment, annual, or monthly fees. There are plenty of options that are free and since the goal is to save money, there is no point in paying for the discounts.
  • Do not sign up for a card that requires your personal medical information. This information is protected by HIPAA laws and may lead to medical identity theft.
  • Check with your local pharmacies to ensure they accept the card.

A great option is the USA Rx pharmacy discount card. There are no fees, your personal information is never collected, and it is widely accepted in all 50 states at over 60,000 different pharmacies. With the USA Rx pharmacy discount card, seniors can see the savings they need to afford the prescription drugs that may not be covered by Medicare or their private insurance.

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